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When making a greeting card I noticed it said "Made on Mac" or something like that with an "Options" button. When you click on the options button, do you have the option of removing the "Made on Mac" watermark?
Doesn't look like we are forced into putting all of our photos on the cloud, that's reassuring. Ordering physical photos and books is still there, also reassuring.
A rush job but you get the idea lol
Apple should just buy an island to keep all it's cash there so they don't have to worry about overseas tax issues.
Off Topic I know but is it just me or does this guy totally look and sound like he could be Scott Forstall's dad?
Hopefully his customer base feels the same way when they see him wearing it.
I don't know if you have noticed all the watch and fashion people Apple have hired in the last couple of years but they are trying to fill fine art, fashion and usability in one sweep with the Watch.
Have you been living under a rock for the past few years?
http://www.apple.com/cn/retail/#video-westlake Highlights the poem. I just wish there were English subtitles, or that I knew Chinese lol
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