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 Well unknown to us but more than likely not unknown to him.
 I don't buy that. So what the vehicle will only be targeted to soccer moms?
Brilliant. You should right for Joy of Tech.
Thank you! I'll be sure to let you know when it's out!
Agreed. We would never use any of the audio "features" with the camera, always used booms and Zoom recorders. Only reason we recorded in camera audio was for reference to sync sound.
While there are some drawbacks shooting video on DLSRs, I would beg to differ and say they shoot amazing video. My camera operators used nothing but Canon for a documentary I directed. To get an idea of quality (make sure you watch it in 1080, might be grainy if watched on this message) check out th trailer:
I predict 20 billion once the Watch ships. But who's counting?
When making a greeting card I noticed it said "Made on Mac" or something like that with an "Options" button. When you click on the options button, do you have the option of removing the "Made on Mac" watermark?
Doesn't look like we are forced into putting all of our photos on the cloud, that's reassuring. Ordering physical photos and books is still there, also reassuring.
A rush job but you get the idea lol
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