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What a beautiful store. Hopefully San Francisco will look much like this.
I was bummed out about that too. Keep getting the "this device may not be compatible" with my current Mophie case. Rather annoying. But like the poster below you mentioned, likely to expensive to license.
I could not disagree more.  The usage of Apple products were very subtle and the ad itself was very emotional and human. Pulling strings is the best way to peoples hearts and well, wallets. I think it was a beautiful ad.
Aren't they owned by Bank of America these days?
This is just the introduction to the new campaign. It was fast because Apple will dive into each individual on their website (as they already have) and likely add more videos to each specific individual like they did with Your Verse.   Which makes we wonder, did they change campaigns due to the passing of Robin Williams or because, a new iPad deserves a new campaign?
While it's cool Eddy Cue did the video, it was kind of strange. I mean he buys the reporter oatmeal while Eddy gets an egg sandwich? lol And what was this shot on? Betamax? The quality is horrendous.
Probably. It wasn't like this before 8.0 though. How much did it cost to replace the battery?
Yeah seriously where can you get one? I haven't seen these for sale anywhere. Or maybe I haven't been paying attention because the crowds always seem to be in the Apple section.
Will be nice if it fixes the battery drain on my iPhone 5 as well. I got less than two hours total from 100% down to about 40% and then shutting off completely. Two hours consisted of about forty minutes talk time, ten minutes of music playback, and about twenty minutes of GPS. Ridiculous. 
I'm glad you're not running Apple.
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