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While it's cool Eddy Cue did the video, it was kind of strange. I mean he buys the reporter oatmeal while Eddy gets an egg sandwich? lol And what was this shot on? Betamax? The quality is horrendous.
Probably. It wasn't like this before 8.0 though. How much did it cost to replace the battery?
Yeah seriously where can you get one? I haven't seen these for sale anywhere. Or maybe I haven't been paying attention because the crowds always seem to be in the Apple section.
Will be nice if it fixes the battery drain on my iPhone 5 as well. I got less than two hours total from 100% down to about 40% and then shutting off completely. Two hours consisted of about forty minutes talk time, ten minutes of music playback, and about twenty minutes of GPS. Ridiculous. 
I'm glad you're not running Apple.
I was at my local Sprouts market today and their credit card terminal accepts ApplePay. It had the logo and everything! I don't have an iPhone 6 or I would have tested it out. Cool though. Not a merchant listed on the Apple site. Just another place to go to avoid the vendors that are in contract with CurrentC!
Yeah it seems like they are changing their minds quite frequently on what is and what is not CurrentC lol
I expect this technology to be like the iBeacons. Sort of under the radar but with a large adoption rate. Really the sky is the limit with this technology. They could even build it into coffee makers. Imagine when you get up in the morning to program what kind of coffee you want, how much, how strong, etc. right from your iPhone!
Yeah it's incredible how much just one store makes in a year. They could easily fund a small successful startup with that kind of money...or I suppose buy several startups for that matter lol
For all of you who are shocked Trent Reznor, a known musician and Beats/Apple employee, said he is working on a music project and needs to keep quiet, need to calm down. It's no different then Jony Ive saying he's working on a new hardware project. Of course he is, he's an engineer. Of course Trent will be working on a music project with his employer, he's a musician.
New Posts  All Forums: