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On the worlds tiniest of violins eh?
Might be the first hack but guaranteed not to be the last I'm sure. Wait until this thing goes public. It's going to be a hackers wet dream!
I believe this was exactly what Apple was looking for with their television set. If this passes, maybe with some slight modifications like DVR, I see Apple announcing their TV project in the first quarter of 2015. I believe they have everything ready and they are just waiting on this to pass. I wouldn't be surprised if Cook and Co. were the ones to convince the FCC to allow this.
I agree the fashion joke cracked me up to. Apple is a very human company. I mean the whole video they did with the secrecy thing, you can tell that Eddy walked away trying not to laugh his ass off.
Did you miss the fact that it is thinner?
My thoughts as well. One would like to dream this to be true.
What's going to happen when Microsoft announce the discontinuation of the Surface? Find another tablet that's running Windows 8 I guess?
What a cocky arrogant prick. I have ZERO reception not only in my office but within at least a dozen yards outside of my office, but we do have a strong Wifi network.
Impressive from Lacie though who here can tell me about their pro products versus their consumer products? Every Lacie drive I've had has failed on me due to power supply.
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