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I expect this technology to be like the iBeacons. Sort of under the radar but with a large adoption rate. Really the sky is the limit with this technology. They could even build it into coffee makers. Imagine when you get up in the morning to program what kind of coffee you want, how much, how strong, etc. right from your iPhone!
Yeah it's incredible how much just one store makes in a year. They could easily fund a small successful startup with that kind of money...or I suppose buy several startups for that matter lol
For all of you who are shocked Trent Reznor, a known musician and Beats/Apple employee, said he is working on a music project and needs to keep quiet, need to calm down. It's no different then Jony Ive saying he's working on a new hardware project. Of course he is, he's an engineer. Of course Trent will be working on a music project with his employer, he's a musician.
When is that suppose to happen?
Depeche Mode - People Are People
I am not going to weed through 9 pages, likely to be closer to 10, just to find some anti-homosexuals to quote them on. I am sure they are within those pages but alas.   Why did Tim cook have to come out? As he mentioned, he likes his privacy. He could have kept this out of the public but the fact that people all over the world, get beaten, sometimes to death, just for their sexual orientation is beyond "humane" and is just out right unfathomable behavior. Who we choose...
We all knew it but right on Cook, right on. Stay classy my friend.
On the worlds tiniest of violins eh?
Might be the first hack but guaranteed not to be the last I'm sure. Wait until this thing goes public. It's going to be a hackers wet dream!
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