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 Having actually met the guy a couple times when I worked at Apple HQ and him being a large role model in my life, I do too. It's still difficult to believe he is no longer with us. 
You realize that would be Apple products too right? They supply components for many of Apple's products.
You forgot the ™ symbol after the word Snappier™.
But is it Snappier™?
I always thought it would be stupid to announce and release one size iPhone and then release the next size the very next month. What's one month? Release them at the same time. 
So how many health related patents has Samsung come up with? How many medical engineers and doctors have they hired? Oh wait, they don't have to...
I think you mean ex Apple board member.
I use to work at Apple HQ and believe me Cafe Mac is pretty top notch.
I meant to say it's like that saying about apples and oranges.
Not to mention this Brightflash company is on Orange St. lol
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