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It amazes how they can spend such money to tear down the computer. I understand they want to be able to have a hands on approach to their repairs and I applaud them. Just funny the contrast compared to those who will be buying the machine for professional reasons.
As a filmmaker in the Bay Area I am always looking for other filmmakers to collaborate with. List your gear and which part of the Bay Area you're in and what kind of work you've done. Maybe we could even arrange a meet up over a beer.   Gear: Blackmagic Cinema Camera Canon T3i Sigma 18-250 MM lens Canon 50 MM lens Slider Jib   I live in the east bay. My directorial debut was a feature length documentary about the history of beer in San Francisco. Currently I am...
I know I was thinking the same thing. My biggest request was for CinemaDNG support. With Blackmagic and Apple so close you would think it would be a no brainer!
Though I expect it to be backwards compatible and work with TB 1 speeds on Macs that do not have TB 2. Is this not the case?
For anyone who knows who is from Düsseldorf and knows which Godfathers of elctro music reside there, the employee uniforms should be black pants, red button down shirts and black ties.
And curved!
Not to mention the other none work apps. But then again if they removed those apps from the product they wouldn't have any other apps to show...
I'd also like their business users to try these "comparable" web apps when they are on a business trip and have no access to the web on their cross country or cross Atlantic airplane trip. Or in a motel that does not have internet access. Or or or or or....
Still cannot open AI or EPS files 
Oops meant to reply to poster above.
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