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What's going to happen when Microsoft announce the discontinuation of the Surface? Find another tablet that's running Windows 8 I guess?
What a cocky arrogant prick. I have ZERO reception not only in my office but within at least a dozen yards outside of my office, but we do have a strong Wifi network.
Impressive from Lacie though who here can tell me about their pro products versus their consumer products? Every Lacie drive I've had has failed on me due to power supply.
Keep in mind people that Apple have internal builds that are much farther along than the ones they seed to developers/public beta testers.
 A good person to ask would be Larry Jordan - http://www.larryjordan.biz
Monkey see. Monkey do. Stupid move on their part. I see the consumer going to the Apple Store, checking out the iPad, walking over to the Microsoft store to check out the Surface than going back to the Apple Store to purchase an iPad.
Actually I'd rather watch paint dry /sarcasm
If they are ugly to you then clearly you're not the demographic they are aiming them towards. Tween and early teen is more likely the target market...and for people who are stuck in the 80's.
So the machines are able to be upgraded to 32 GBs of memory?
Next Blackberry will release a press release stating they are unscathed by this announcement.
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