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Being that it is a *public* beta, wouldn't that be expected?
If it's on the internets it must be true! /s
Wouldn't it be something if Apple just buys IBM and declares them their enterprise division? Perhaps that's what Cook is preparing to do if this partnership takes off.
I can't believe there are known issues! /s
Keep up the good work Satya Nadella. /s
Hope I'll still be able to order physical photos/books/calendars/etc.
Just another app to delate from my applications. That's okay, Songza was getting rather stale anyway with no new music added for awhile (at least in the stations I listened to.)
Hopefully this is just for streaming audio or this will be a major distraction to drivers.
My thoughts exactly when watching the ice melt lol
Looks Snappierâ„¢
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