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Actually I'd rather watch paint dry /sarcasm
If they are ugly to you then clearly you're not the demographic they are aiming them towards. Tween and early teen is more likely the target market...and for people who are stuck in the 80's.
So the machines are able to be upgraded to 32 GBs of memory?
Next Blackberry will release a press release stating they are unscathed by this announcement.
Being that it is a *public* beta, wouldn't that be expected?
If it's on the internets it must be true! /s
Wouldn't it be something if Apple just buys IBM and declares them their enterprise division? Perhaps that's what Cook is preparing to do if this partnership takes off.
I can't believe there are known issues! /s
Keep up the good work Satya Nadella. /s
Hope I'll still be able to order physical photos/books/calendars/etc.
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