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Wouldn't it be something if Apple just buys IBM and declares them their enterprise division? Perhaps that's what Cook is preparing to do if this partnership takes off.
I can't believe there are known issues! /s
Keep up the good work Satya Nadella. /s
Hope I'll still be able to order physical photos/books/calendars/etc.
Just another app to delate from my applications. That's okay, Songza was getting rather stale anyway with no new music added for awhile (at least in the stations I listened to.)
Hopefully this is just for streaming audio or this will be a major distraction to drivers.
My thoughts exactly when watching the ice melt lol
Looks Snappierâ„¢
Big brother is watching.
 If you even use it once, it's successful. Every event that I attend that takes advantage of Passbook I utilize. So much easier than having to deal with paper tickets or looking for the email with the PDF ticket, or even looking for the PDF for that matter. Maybe you do not think it's successful because you do not personally use the product?
New Posts  All Forums: