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Would be great feedback for Apple. http://www.apple.com/feedback/macosx.html
For all those upset about the lack of optical drive, I question - why do you need one? I personally am in the market of content creation, I am a filmmaker. Do I need DVD/Blu-Ray replication services? You bet. Most replication services who are "with it" will accept thumb drives. They are getting cheap enough that you can buy them in bulk and need not worry about getting them returned. Remember the days of zip disks or am I aging myself?
How is it offensive? Many of the cats that were used for names of prior Mac OS 10 operating systems cannot even be found in the United States, let alone in California.    I'm offended! /s
I can't wait till OS 10.10 Yosemite!
I'm sure some where in Apple's TOS to developers it states that they are developing exclusively for iOS and all iOS devices, so if a hacker creating a game console violates that TOS, couldn't that be used in court?
Now we know when the new MacPro will be out...
I thought they were compatible up to 128?
No it's actually for a Samsung product. /s
Just how many devices do they need?
These ads tell stories. They are real. Human. Very documentary in genre. I love em! What's brilliant about these ads, in addition to how real they are, you can have your computer or television set on mute and you will still get the point of the ad. Brilliance. 
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