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I'm with you. Passbook isn't very intuitive.
So iPhone 4 users do not get Panorama?
Pure speculation on my part but I decided to just have some fun with Apple subdomains. Typing in maps.apple.com takes you to the Maps feature of iOS 6 but typing in notes.apple.com or even siri.apple.com comes up with nothing. Interesting huh?
  Yeah but how can anyone take them seriously after this trial?
Does anyone else see this trial as the demise to Samsung? I sure hope the other manufactures who depend on Samsung for OEM parts are watching this trial and thinking that maybe they're not the right company for their gadget/device/phone/tablet/TV/computer/etc.
I lived in Minnesota for a brief time and I'll never forget how horrid those Menards commercials were lol
Hey it's just common practice in Korea, to delete your mail after two weeks. /s
There could be a lot of factors here. Maybe since Apple has been doing this for so long, once they submit a patent, it's ready to go hands down, no changes needed. Perhaps with everyone else they make a few revisions before their actual patent gets approved.   It also dawned on me just now. How many patents do these other guys have versus Apple? How many patents have the other guys "acquired" due to a merger or acquisition versus originally filing for?
  Yup I remember finding that out and then posting that on here and no one believed me, then later that day the news was public.
It probably was since the article mentions the years between 2002-2004.
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