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I'm sure some where in Apple's TOS to developers it states that they are developing exclusively for iOS and all iOS devices, so if a hacker creating a game console violates that TOS, couldn't that be used in court?
Now we know when the new MacPro will be out...
I thought they were compatible up to 128?
No it's actually for a Samsung product. /s
Just how many devices do they need?
These ads tell stories. They are real. Human. Very documentary in genre. I love em! What's brilliant about these ads, in addition to how real they are, you can have your computer or television set on mute and you will still get the point of the ad. Brilliance. 
Just wondering, when did the Google Play store reach 1,000,000?
  As far as department stores, I have some new respect for Kmart.
Not sure why Apple has to go changing the design every year, or every other year. If it works, and it's functional and fast and does what you need it to do, don't fix it.
If the past is any indication, tickets should be going on sale this week. Anyone going? Hopes and expectations?
New Posts  All Forums: