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Or they will only be available for the masses in 2016 with Apple getting exclusive purchasing rights till then, in other words the glass might be available but in limited quantities and for the highest bidder...
Apple already has a very healthy cafe. I know this from working there in 2001. I'm sure it's gotten even better. Best part? Free apples and ice tea!
Nope but everyone gets a curved one!
They're just happy that they can't have what they want without getting in trouble.
Is that why Apple Stores are always packed? I have never ever been into an Apple Store when there was just a handful of customers.
Music industry: "Oh look we're finally showing a profit! Lets have the content providers change the price of a single from 99¢ to $1.99!
It's funny when a competitor other than Samsung copies an Apple ad, people think it's well done though when Samsung copy an ad, they say they stole Apple's idea lol Don't get me wrong, I do hate Samsung just as much as the rest of you.
I assume you're being sarcastic? I don't plan on ever owning a Windows PC, I was simply rebutting to his comment.
Yeah but the problem with installing Windows on it is that you will have less than 15 GBs of storage after it's all said and done...then having to install Pro apps? That takes another 7+ GBs to install (all the Adobe apps.)   Ridiculous.
Apple should just buy out Songza. No audio ads and you choose the music you want to hear based on your mood.
New Posts  All Forums: