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I assume you're being sarcastic? I don't plan on ever owning a Windows PC, I was simply rebutting to his comment.
Yeah but the problem with installing Windows on it is that you will have less than 15 GBs of storage after it's all said and done...then having to install Pro apps? That takes another 7+ GBs to install (all the Adobe apps.)   Ridiculous.
Apple should just buy out Songza. No audio ads and you choose the music you want to hear based on your mood.
I have a feeling Apple and Samsung will be in court for many many years to come.
Yeah but try telling that to a developer. If I were a small time developer, I would not want have to develop for five different operating systems, and have to purchase dozens of phones/tablets just to make sure the software was compatible. It would drive the price of the software up considerably, not to mention the headache I would have to take on.
Exes are also on the list lol
Yeah I hate that I cannot block calls. I have a contact with the name "Ignore" and every time I get a call from a telemarkerter or such I add the number to the list. 
This really is no fault of the Map provider. Whenever traveling long distances, especially in rural areas, I bring lots of snacks and water. I thought everyone else did this as well? Not to mention, I also have a second source of mapping and do my planning at home before getting on the road.    I thought this was all just common sense?
This guy sounds like he has a bigger ego than Jobs. He wouldn't write a script for Pixar as requested by Jobs but he will write a film about Jobs. How respectful.
I find it to be highly productive, which is why I bought one. Am I insane? No. There are many apps that are not even available for the Mac that are available for the iPad, that help me excel in my job. The apps that are available for both Mac and iPad, are great so I can work on them in the field on my iPad and then sync them up with the Mac app where I could continue to work on them from there. 
New Posts  All Forums: