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It will be announced on the 4th but won't ship until first quarter of next after Apple announces their iWatch. This will allow Samsung to revise and replicate Apple's product.
You do realize that the builds Apple seed to the public are fairly behind that which they seed internally don't you?
I still have the site in my bookmarks folder under "Rumors" and the page still comes up with "Forbidden You don't have permission to access / on this server." Even though I know it will never change, I just can't seem to take it out of the folder for memories sake. Was such a great site!   Anyone know what Nick Deplume is up to these days? deplume.com Is still up but there is really nothing there.
Just because Jobs is no longer with us, he did instill spirit and character. People who worked closely with him know he would operate. Not that Jobs wanted that but, the DNA has been embedded into the longevity of the company.
You know at first I was disgusted by these new iPhone colors but then it dawned on me. Think about what's going to be on them... iOS 7. Next think about the color scheme for iOS 7. The two go together perfectly!
Love it.  
I imagine the BIG update will come this fall.
Yeah and if Apple did this there would be a class action lawsuit.
Hate how Kutcher over emphasizes the poem.
Hideous. They look like cheap knock offs.
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