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I don't know if you recall but Tim Cook also said they are doubling down on leaks. It may appear that they have their heads in the sand doing nothing, but we just haven't seen any leaks. Maybe Mr. Cook is doing a pretty good job at keeping his word there? That alone is an amazing feat I applaud any CEO to accomplish.
I've been thinking about it and it just hit me. The reason why we won't see an App Store is an obvious one. It's not the complete package. Why would Apple allow you to download apps to use on another companies television? What would sell iTVs more than anything is to allow application development. This would also allow for easier development of the platform and Apple will not have to worry about the various third party screen resolutions. Think about it, Apple would be...
The interesting thing about Steve saying that is now that it's five years later, the iPhone OS is becoming stale and needs to be another five years ahead of it's time.
And then once the company Apple has invested in matures, they will buy them out for pennies on the dollar to hire the talent axe the technology, or incorporate it into their OS.
Was wondering that too lol
Oops looked at the list to fast.
And Samsung? Not even in the top 50!
Or they will only be available for the masses in 2016 with Apple getting exclusive purchasing rights till then, in other words the glass might be available but in limited quantities and for the highest bidder...
Apple already has a very healthy cafe. I know this from working there in 2001. I'm sure it's gotten even better. Best part? Free apples and ice tea!
Nope but everyone gets a curved one!
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