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Just another app to delate from my applications. That's okay, Songza was getting rather stale anyway with no new music added for awhile (at least in the stations I listened to.)
Hopefully this is just for streaming audio or this will be a major distraction to drivers.
My thoughts exactly when watching the ice melt lol
Looks Snappier™
Big brother is watching.
 If you even use it once, it's successful. Every event that I attend that takes advantage of Passbook I utilize. So much easier than having to deal with paper tickets or looking for the email with the PDF ticket, or even looking for the PDF for that matter. Maybe you do not think it's successful because you do not personally use the product?
This better have a 7" screen or no dice for me! /s
 That sucks. I think executives should be within some kind of reach, whether or not it is just to be able to see them or actually email them at any time. Of course there are the proper channels you go through first but management should be open doors at all times. I took the elevator just so I could try to meet him lol My colleagues thought I was crazy and they always took the stairs to avoid him! ha! I was much younger than and the memory was like yesterday. I ran to my...
 The beer hunter or the pop star?
 I wouldn't doubt it. The guy did question Steve's integrity. Both times I met him we were in the elevator. The first time the elevator door was practically closed and I was rushing to get to my office because I was running late and he opened the door - just he and I. Asked me what I did for the company, I guess that was his standard question to new faces. The second time he remembered my name and we discussed Monsters Inc. which was in development at the time.
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