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What does it matter? For the same reason I do not like going into places like The Good Guys or Circut City... me: what's this thing do? them: oh it's a video game console me: oh thanks not interested, not much of a gamer them: but for a 100 bucks more it can do X, Y, and Z me: I told you I'm not much of a gamer. them: but.... I'm not that dumb to not know what a video game console is but I just flat out don't care and the rest of America who do not play video games will...
Gotcha. Well I think until Universal sets a fire under Apple's you know what, I don't think we have much to worry about. Apple was about ending piracy in the music industry and if the labels keep these tactics up then people will start pirating music again. Then who will look stupid? And Apple still wins because you will be able to put those pirated songs on the the iPod
Seeing as how we are starting to post Microsoft type announcements in relation to the Zune in this forum I thought I would repost this with my comments. Over at MacNN they are saying how this is another way Microsoft is competing with iPod. How are they competing? The way I see it is that Microsoft is already losing money on the Zune and now they will lose even more money. Furthermore I am confused by Doug Morris's statement as they are not doing anything to promote the...
Of technology? Yes. Of computers? No. Given the fact that a select number of GPU's are already up to 512MBs and we can currently buy a 750 GB drive, I don't see how a hard drive of over 1 TB and a GPU over 1 GB shipping in the iMac (or whatever the consumer machine will be) in seven to ten years is being idealistic.
Do you work for Microsoft or something? What the point of this statement?
This "more" thing you speak of (gaming) does not appeal to everyone. When will the people in this thread get that? Not everyone is a gamer
Actually you were able to do all of this on your Mac before the xBox 360 was on the market with Front Row, which if you wanted to you could hook up to a television. As I have said before, all iTV is just a pretty interface, a thin client if you will. I could buy a Mac mini, hook it up to my tv and have it point to my iMac and there you go. I will have an iTV before Apple even release it. Plus I will have additional storage space on the mini itself. So I hate to prove you...
I'm sure one of these things is HDTV.
You really seem to have a thing with HDTV don't you? Half the world does not have an HDTV and I really don't think everyone is going to go out and buy one just because of the xBox 360. Given the fact that a decent one is priced well over 600-700 dollars, I doubt most people will buy one just for the xBox especially if most buyers will be teenagers to young adults. In five to six years when prices come down sure but then something even better than HD video will be out.
I'm sorry but where is there mention of Mac Os 10.4? Looking at the Dashboard page, it looks far to complicated for the average user who just wants to access their media content on their Mac. http://www.xbox.com/en-US/support/sy.../dashboard.htm This does not look like something that appeals to a user base of all ages, to me it looks like it appeals to the video game market.
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