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Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't the original G1 iPod priced at $499 (USD)?
Sweet! I had no idea the iPod shared a birthday with a really good friend of mine 8)
I think we will just see a BTO option to the existing Mac Pro in January maybe as a silent upgrade and a small update to Final Cut Studio and then a much larger upgrade to FCS at a later with full support. Just my (2) cents.
And the other half are video bloggers
Would just be nice if there was a way to alphabetize the bookmarks.
iLife and iWork updates. iWork to get Numbers. iLife to get update to all apps. Something tells me we will see iDVD give support to Blu-ray. Mac Pro's will have support for built-to-order Blu-ray drive. Just speculation but I personally never understood the meaning behind having a dual optical drive of the same function. Other than that, iPhone would be nice, iPod update would be nice (for the real video iPod). Realistically I dunno what else to expect.
Actually it was just an Apple logo, no menu. It was like this in the public beta as well.
Oops. I was under the impression it was tomorrow.
What's more interesting to note is Apple have not had their special event yet....but I suspect this will be talked about in another thread
Anyone love how the production version of the Calculator has changed very little since the Apple II?
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