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Now the shit can really hit the fan
Doesn't matter how old we are, Microsoft should have seen it coming.
Sure but at the same time I am going over my minutes, going over my texts, and over the date rates I have and I don't exactly have a cheap plan. Something like Helio, for 85 bucks a month and everything else (except downloads of games, ring tones) is completely free to and from any network is a great deal. That's what selling me so far.
Yeah and with that being said I think Apple want to put as much hype into the new device (what ever the iTV product will be called) just so that they can ensure some kind of success.
Not to mention it's S L O W! I can't wait to see Steve Jobs doing an old classic bake off (like they use to with the PowerPC vs. Intel computers) when they announce the new iPod: Jobs: "I will use an iPod and Senior VP of Worldwide Product Marketing Phil Schiller will use the MS Zune" Jobs: "let's see how long it takes to find the Zoolander soundtrack on the iPod...okay I'm there" Schiller : "okay Steve I'm at Bob Dylan...." Jobs: "let me go ahead and do this again...
If that is the Zune ad I will be MUTING my television everytime it comes on and considering I am at my computer just glancing over at the television once and a while I will not even look at the 30 second spot. If I am actually watching my television from my couch I will just change the channel. Who is this suppose to appeal to? I am 23 (24 next month) years old, and I have a large range of musical taste from emo to country to hardcore punk but this...this is just pure...
Isn't this design majorly old news? Yeah I would love that too but haven't we seen this through and through?
I should really hope so. With the Zune nearing retail distribution and it's big(ger screen than the iPod) people will ask why Microsoft has a big screen and Apple doesn't. Plus I'm in the market for a new iPod
I wonder what the compression for the video will be. Being that Apple is known to use open standards and Microsoft typically uses WMV (or whatever it's called) I imagine the quality will be rather poor on the Zune. Not to mention the integration between Windows Media Player and the Zune will most likely be very difficult as opposed to the drag and drop ease of use of iTunes. And with iTunes 7, things just got easier.
Yeah. Besides, it would be ultra cool and people would crowd around it like crazy. It would draw major attention. Maybe they would create a new partition (like how the have Movies, Music, Photo, etc) maybe make one called "Living Room" or "home" or something.
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