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It might be interesting to purchase one of the "iPod Bluetooth" headphones just to see what the manual says in terms of how to configure it....
Yeah most of what the technologists had to say was rather technical. Steve will put it in lamens terms at Macworld SF 07
Yeah I use an external drive to store all my music but I thought the iTunes Library had a limitation. I thought I read some where that it was 45,000 songs or something but I thought they upped it in iTunes 6.
I know there is a limit but I forgot exactly what it is. It use to say on Apple's page but now I can't find it.
Exactly my thoughts. When I first saw Looking Glass my job dropped. When I first saw CoreAnimation I thought Looking Glass for Mac OS X is becoming a reality! Apple would be very wise to intergrate CoreAnimation in this fashion into the Finder. I sure hope we will see another more feature rich demo of Leoperd at Macworld SF 2007!
After watching the WWDC keynote and looking at CoreAnimation I began to ponder. Something tells me that we will see CoreAnimation enabled at the Finder level and even application level. I think we will even see the dock take advantage of this in some way. For anyone who has not watched the keynote I would recommend to do so and then check out Sun's Project Looking Glass website here: http://www.sun.com/software/looking_glass/ . They even have a demo. What Sun...
That does not do quite what I am looking for. I would like the user to be able have complete access to browsing the playlists but now allowed to alter them, move the songs around, or delete files. This to me seems like an easy thing Apple could add to the interface and by the adding a button to "lock" access to these features and you would need an Admin password to unlock it. Could something like this be easily created with a third party add on?
Does anyone know of a third party application that would put iTunes in a kiosk like mode? I am going to be having a party where I want to let people have access to browse and play playlists but I do want them to be able to delete or modify the master Library or any of the playlists either on purpose or by mistake. Does anyone have any recommendations for me? I am currently looking at a network like program to use on my iMac to look at my jukebox (an older PowerMac G4...
Actually I have been on the Apple/Mac platform since before Mac's were around. I just think Apple is doing a very good job of polish on the OS and I am hoping that 10.5 will be a very good polished OS. I am sure aside from the 64 bit optimizations, I am sure they will have a lot of optimizations for Intel processors making OS just completely scream. Especially if there are a lot of under the hood changes. These are exciting times and I cannot wait for the Spring.
http://www.apple.com/macosx/leopard/index.html I don't know about anyone else but I am very impressed. I cannot wait to see the rest of the features. I am willing to bet the map that is in the note in the Mail preview is apart of Leopard's map feature that the rumors are talking about. Anyone else catch anything?
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