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Because I take advantage of Tabs often and then I would lose all the tabbed windows
Apple will not implament the "Top Secret" features into their external developer builds and likely not most of their internal developer builds as developers do not need them to take advantage of their apps so we will not see these features until MWSF. To quote LoopRumors again...When I first saw CoreAnimation in action my first thought was they will implament it into the Finder much like Project Looking Glass from Sun Micro Systems...
Well they did have information on Lepard (with screenshots) before anyone else so maybe they are in the loop (pun intended) about Leopard?
Thanks for the suggestion Spam, I'll try it out!
I know this is old news but LoopRumors is stating that Leopard will be previewed and released at MWSF. Does anyone know their track record? They did have the four part report about Leopard prior to the unveiling at WWDC in August and most of what they mentioned was previewed. I myself get more excited about OS releases then updates to the hardware so I would love it if this were true!
Yeah I chose Faster and more efficient OS (GUI responds, spinning beachball, less memory use). Would anyone like to tell me why Safari sometimes comes to a snails pace with only a few minor apps open (AIM, Preview, Mail, Yahoo Messenger) with an iMac G5 2.1 with 512 MB memory? I know 512 MB is not a lot these but that should not bring Safari hanging! Sometimes I will get the BOD (beach ball of death) for about ten to twenty minutes before I can browse!
You have to move all of the files that are in your home directories Music folder. Macintosh HD>Users>your username>Music>iTunes
http://thejphotogroup.com http://jared.thejphotogroup.com What I would like to know is how to make it so all the junk after the .com does not show up. Anyone care to share?
In the first version I used an option in the menu bar but now I cannot seem to find it. It use to open up master slides with each theme and their respected texture, as well as slides with stock photography. Now I cannot seem to find that anywhere When I choose the colors/fills option it does not give me the texture option for the theme, just the standard color well.
New Posts  All Forums: