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Anyone? Anyone know?
There use to be an option in the last version of Keynote where you are able to change the texture of the pie graphs to match that of another theme. I am now using iWork and I cannot for the life of me figure out where that option is. Any help would be great.
I am not going to read six pages just to see if this was said or if we are even still on topic but..... If you ask me don't we already have a perfect lineup? If I were a consumer looking to buy a computer for the first time and I went to say the Dell website....I would not even know where to begin. There are so many bloody options! And that's not even building the machine! Everything Apple offers is simple. It's built in and the price is right. Rather than giving...
From a GHz perspective I think it's funny that Apple is finally at 3.0 GHz and now the rumors have it that they will go below what the G5 topped at. I know I know that these chips are much faster but from a buying stand point I think it will leave some a little confused if these did indeed ship
My guess is, a new drive enters the market and they want to be sure they are able to stress test it enough so it will not have a high failure rate. Maybe they also want to make sure there are enough of them in the supply channel so that they can meet the demand. Just two possibilities.
Wasn't that YouTube not myspace.com?
Oh cool I know what I'm downloading when I get home tonight.
Though maybe not intentionally, thank you for sticking up for me. I was comparing two pro products side by side. Maybe you could use the Dell for a different market (if it's the graphics card that makes that difference) but they are still pro laptops non the less which is what I was aiming for. Even if you dummy down the GPU on the Dell (to make the machine on par for the same target market?), the machine is still more expensive.
Here is a side by side comparison between what Dell offers and what Apple offers:So as you can see, you not only get a better machine from Apple but it's also cheaper
I know Apple already have the latest iPods out and everything but I'm rather shocked there is no fanfare on the Apple website or in the iTunes Store Would have been cool if they at least had the iPod Video and five candles in a circle around the iPod and just sad "Happy Birthday." short, sweet and to the point. Oh well.
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