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Correct me if I am wrong but this is a message board where people are free to express their thoughts. If I do not like something, I will do as I please to express my thoughts. If that means writing a song, painting a picture or posting a topic with like minded people, then I believe this is my choice. What's wrong wth giving energy to something? Does not mean these energies are positive or will be perceived as such.
Do you just post to get your count up? If I liked the website I would be gloating rather than loathing. I am a proud owner of a G1 iPod, that still works everyday! I find, as everyone else is confirming, this site to be absurd. It's about personal choice and the competition think that because the teenage mind is like clay, that anything "rebellious" they will follow. Obviously this is not the case.
Exactly. Also notice how the links to the different campaigns are all in QuickTime? When was the last time QuickTime came preinstalled on a Windows preinstalled box? I think HP did when they had iTunes? But, I think everyone gets my point?
I love how this website does not have a message board. They very well know that more than most of the people will show support for the iPod. http://www.idont.com/
The thing that I love about the Apple Stores (even if I am a bitter ex Apple Store employee) is that all of their lifestyle segments are portioned in different segments of the store and they market each segment beautifully. The jest of the comments I have gotten and have read from everyone is they are clean, well layed out stores and very eye catching. Since the return of Steve Jobs, this has been part of their business model so it is only in their blood that the...
I think the people of New York City (the "Big Apple") should sue Apple Corps because I might get confused with all the touristy stuff....is this a record label or a city I want to go to?
"fun" To me implies an updated product, not a whole new product. I would think if this was a brand new product Apple would be hyping it a lot more. But maybe that is just me?
Looks like it could be something like that but wouldn't the display get scratched even easier? Finally some pictures that are fun enough to speculate on It's been a long time since we have had anything like this on the boards.
Yeah. I don't want to spend $300.00 plus dollars and have it not work.
These days that's not entirely true. It is true that they will continue to be good machines bare none but at the same time for what someone would buy that at they could buy a whole new machine with better performance.
New Posts  All Forums: