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iLife and iWork updates. iWork to get Numbers. iLife to get update to all apps. Something tells me we will see iDVD give support to Blu-ray. Mac Pro's will have support for built-to-order Blu-ray drive. Just speculation but I personally never understood the meaning behind having a dual optical drive of the same function. Other than that, iPhone would be nice, iPod update would be nice (for the real video iPod). Realistically I dunno what else to expect.
Actually it was just an Apple logo, no menu. It was like this in the public beta as well.
Oops. I was under the impression it was tomorrow.
What's more interesting to note is Apple have not had their special event yet....but I suspect this will be talked about in another thread
Anyone love how the production version of the Calculator has changed very little since the Apple II?
Looks very cluttered and not very well organized.
Now the shit can really hit the fan
Doesn't matter how old we are, Microsoft should have seen it coming.
Sure but at the same time I am going over my minutes, going over my texts, and over the date rates I have and I don't exactly have a cheap plan. Something like Helio, for 85 bucks a month and everything else (except downloads of games, ring tones) is completely free to and from any network is a great deal. That's what selling me so far.
Yeah and with that being said I think Apple want to put as much hype into the new device (what ever the iTV product will be called) just so that they can ensure some kind of success.
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