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Yeah. Besides, it would be ultra cool and people would crowd around it like crazy. It would draw major attention. Maybe they would create a new partition (like how the have Movies, Music, Photo, etc) maybe make one called "Living Room" or "home" or something.
To be honest I think Apple did not put a lot of hype into the iPod when it was annonced because I honestly think they did not even know it would get this big. I could totally imagine Apple having a mock livingroom to show off the iTV product. After all why wouldn't they want to show off the product to it's full potential?
As far as I understand about USB 2.0 is that it is backwards compatiable but it will just transfer data over at the legacy 1.0 (12 Mbs per second).
Okay well I refuse to say it's not a cell phone. I am thinking about getting one if Apple does not announce an iPod Phone tomorrow. Anyone have one, could you share your thoughts?
New chips brings new problems for cooling the chips so innovate product design is hard to do.
And that's part of my point. Will Apple use the new chips (new chips in general) as they become available to stay competitive?
Is it just me, or does Intel upgrade their processors every three to four months? This is something I have noticed for a long time. The real question is, will Apple be able to make beautiful looking machines to continue to support these upgrades? And if they do adopt each new processor upgrade, at what point do Apple update their designs? Just thinking out loud here.
Sure and if you import a CD at the highest bitrate how large would it be? More than 700 MBs depending on the length of the album. Does Apple compress their music like this for the iTMS? The Apple Lossless format is not uncompressed audio. If anyone could make this look good it would be Apple.
I would agree. Apple sell music on the iTMS to people who are barely able tell of the low compression. Why would Apple then release video to the masses to people who could see obvious artifacts? Think Apple Lossless for video. Of course there are those who are true audiophiles who import there CDs to a much higher bitrate and do not even use iTunes. The same could be said for movies. iTunes has never been for the ultra high end audio/moviephile who spends thousands on a...
Unless they are trying to clear inventory.
New Posts  All Forums: