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Unless they are trying to clear inventory.
My thoughts exactly.
Well the good thing about Intel is they do have a dedicated Mac team so I am sure they are working very closely with Apple to ensure these notebooks will be nothing short of amazing.
I would give it a little while longer. I think Apple will want to ride these out for a little longer.
I was not suggesting to copy music but rather the use for headphones, or even to transfer or address book files, think iSync type intergration. I'm sure Apple could come up with an innovative use for Bluetooth to be integrated into the iPod to justify it to be built in. They only make products that they take advantage of 100% In other words, they would not come out with a Bluetooth adapter only to be used for third party products. If they offered Bluetooth, then they...
I have no use for an FM tuner or mic. Bluetooth is not an "add on" more so a necessity. Everyone would use it. It's almost built in to ever Mac sold (besides the MacPro which boggles me) so it would only make sense for there to be seamless connectivity between Bluetooth equipped Mac's and Bluetooth equipped iPods.
I remember when Apple first announced the retail strategy. Steve wanted people to take the product home with them. He wanted them to just open up the box and just start using the product. Needless to say, not only is Apple [Steve Jobs] huge on presentation so it has to look appealing when you pull it out to use it, but also on having the product just work out of the box without any hassle of attachments. Besides, from a sales point of view; Zune for 299.99 with built in...
I agree. Why would they develop an adapter when that will look bulky? I think it will just be built in to the new revision.
All someone has to do is call up and go "I noticed that Mac mini's are not available for bulk, but what about the iMac?" or any other product line they want to check up on. If they say yes, just cover it up like you know nothing and ask for a quote for a large quantity for the product.
Any speculation on processor speed? I guess I am glad I did not order the Mac mini yesterday A cut in price would also be a nice addition but I doubt that will happen.
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