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Anyone else experiencing this problem? iMac G5 2.1GHz Mac OS 10.4.4 (does not seem to work with any 10.4.x) Photoshop CS2 (or GraphicConverter) It sounds as it will scan and then SBD (spinning beach ball of death).
This looks like a beautiful application but reminds me a lot (besides the flexibility with the images) of RapidWeaver. Maybe they wrote it in house but it seems to be a pretty solid app for a 1.0
Exactly my thoughts
Anyone notice the first link at red.com?
As much as I would love an Apple display, I just cannot afford one. Anyone recomend a good make? I am thinking about Viewsonic.
I want to get one of those cheap all in one TV/VCRs but I cannot use the input video channels to get video out obviousl....right?
Yeah I was in an Apple Store yesterday too and played with Photo Booth..... Can't wait to order mine on Tuesday! Anyone know, even though the Apple Store online says it ships in 5-7 business days, is it actually quicker than that? [UPDATE] Ooohh now it says 3-5 business days
Also is Front Row something you can install from a CD? I want to wipe the drive and start from scratch but I don't want to lose Front Row. I would think it would be on the OS install DVD... Same thing with Picture Booth I imagine?
About how much HD do you have left from first boot?
Just curious to anyone who bought the 20" with the 250 GB drive, at first boot without downloading anything fron the internet or music, movies, programs....how much HD space do you have off the bat?
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