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Gray's flickr account looks so damn fake to me. He or whomever he has taking pictures for him must be a really good photographer.
Nope, but when someone is wrong they need to be called out.
Ah, still hoping your dark night will pull through for ya huh? Wasn't the PS3 supposed to start dominating about 2 years ago? Ok, so they have a new console config out now and the price is level with the competition pretty much...NPD numbers come out today and I'm sure they'll have a nice little bump in sales.Yet, will it outsell it's competition this holiday season? F/ck no. It will get crushed by the Wii and 360 once again. Even with a good game like Uncharted 2 the...
thank god they changed it. so many people were complaining i thought for sure they'd give an option to change it... i guess it was that bad.
Right, but i'm finding the quality boost+ hassle of bluray to not be worth the price so far.
Ya know... i've been a member here and a mac user for a long damn time, and most of the time i'm on top of things... i apologize if i wasn't keeping up this time. I do have a thing called a LIFE and so I've been real busy. Just wasn't paying attention.
we just bought a new macbook pro on friday for my uncle and it's already being taken overseas. what should i do ??? this is bullsh/t
I've had bluray now for a few months and I gotta say it's overrated. The read speeds are so slow, discs still get scratched and can't be read, it's basically a slower slightly better image/sound quality than a regular dvd.
not to sound too much like an apple fanboy but i was pretty much sick and tired of bono for a while there. i'm happy to see them part ways.
Why has all of a sudden safari 4 started to run slow for me? it was blazing fast at first and now its just ok?
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