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This is great news! Finally we have an official statement that it is coming. I can't wait till the fall so I can use my Discover Card with Apple Pay.
I like that we now have native resolution for the iPhone 6 and 6+. I finally updated from an old version I was using. I too would like landscape mode and the ability to remove ads for a fee for those who don't like subscriptions.
OS X Epicenter?
I like: OS X Mojave OS X Napa OS X Redwood OS X Ventura
 I wonder the same thing as other credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, and American Express were read at the start.
 I just spoke with Discover about an account question and also asked about Apple Pay and they said that by the end of the year we would see Discover Card on board but hopefully sooner.
I've used ApplePay at Panera Bread and The Home Dept and didn't have issues. I actually found it quicker then having to pull out my wallet and find my credit card.
 Thanks, I found the video. @foggyhill, @Dachar here you go  
I'm getting the same message on my Mac. I'd like to see the video if someone knows of another source.
Any news on when Discover Card will join ApplePay?
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