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 @melgross, the only way for Apple to respond to security issues or any other issue is to file a bug port via the Apple Bug Reporter. I've filed security reports and a number of other issues over the years via Apple Bug Reporter and they actually respond either to say that it's already submitted and is a duplicate or to say that they are working on addressing the issue I submitted. Anyone with an Apple ID should be able to singin to the bug reporter to submit this...
   @MagMan1979, @hillstones, I don't think TRIM Enabler is dead yet. The developer is coming out with an update today or later tonight. See https://www.cindori.org/forums/topic/trim-enabler-with-os-x-el-capitan/page/7/#post-37319 He said:Disk Sensei and Trim Enabler updates are finished. They will be available tomorrow.With these updates, you will be able to enable Trim safely on OS X 10.10.3 and above, including El Cap (and 10.10.4).With safe enabling, I mean:Disabling...
I found these instructions for anyone who wishes to update their firmware on a Samsung 840 EVO SSD on OS X. http://blog.conradchavez.com/2014/10/30/running-the-samsung-840-evo-ssd-performance-restoration-tool-on-a-mac/ I hope this helps those who have Samsung Evo 8x SSDs
Hi,   I have the 840 EVO 1TB SSD from Samsung which I purchased from Amazon last year. I haven't experienced any issues so far and use TRIM Enabler.    Since I haven't experienced any corruption issue so far, doesn't this mean I'm in the clear?   Should I update from 10.10.3 to 10.10.4? I currently use TRIM Enabler on OS X 10.10.3.   Could someone elaborate?
This is great news! Finally we have an official statement that it is coming. I can't wait till the fall so I can use my Discover Card with Apple Pay.
I like that we now have native resolution for the iPhone 6 and 6+. I finally updated from an old version I was using. I too would like landscape mode and the ability to remove ads for a fee for those who don't like subscriptions.
OS X Epicenter?
I like: OS X Mojave OS X Napa OS X Redwood OS X Ventura
 I wonder the same thing as other credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, and American Express were read at the start.
 I just spoke with Discover about an account question and also asked about Apple Pay and they said that by the end of the year we would see Discover Card on board but hopefully sooner.
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