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Any news on when Discover Card will join ApplePay?
I agree, where is Discover?
 Looks like they are in talks with Apple. See http://appleinsider.com/articles/14/09/10/discover-in-talks-to-join-apple-pay-swift-goes-gm-at-version-10
It looks like Discover is in talks with Apple already. See http://iphone-beta.appleinsider.com/articles/14/09/10/discover-in-talks-to-join-apple-pay-swift-goes-gm-at-version-10I too use Discover Card
Quote: It looks like VMware has a Technology Preview for a new release of Fusion so I don't think they've given up yet. This is good news and they should release it soon. I'd keep an eye on their Facebook page for updates.
All I got was the movie Hugo which was a really great film. Didn't really follow or care for the other free gifts.   I might check out the Rolling Stones mini album though.
It looks like you can get VMware Fusion 5 using the following discount code: "fus5beta20"   You save $10.   I upgraded to version 5 standard from version 4 for $39.99, a $10 savings.   Not sure how long this is going to last so if you wish to upgrade to version 5 and don't want to pay $49, this is the way to do it.   I believe this works for both the Pro version and the Standard version.
  You can use a Boot Camp disk with VMware Fusion. Not sure why you would need two installations. You just run the Boot Camp disk from within Fusion. I think you do need two licenses, one for Boot Camp and one for VMware Fusion though.
Yes, you would need an 8GB flash drive. See How to Burn OS X Mountain Lion to a USB Flash Drive. I believed I used Disk Utility when I created my flash drive for Lion.   Hope this helps.
I just submitted a radar report for this via Apple's bug reporter and also used the feedback link.   I hope someone at Apple listens.
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