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 Looks like they are in talks with Apple. See http://appleinsider.com/articles/14/09/10/discover-in-talks-to-join-apple-pay-swift-goes-gm-at-version-10
It looks like Discover is in talks with Apple already. See http://iphone-beta.appleinsider.com/articles/14/09/10/discover-in-talks-to-join-apple-pay-swift-goes-gm-at-version-10I too use Discover Card
Quote: It looks like VMware has a Technology Preview for a new release of Fusion so I don't think they've given up yet. This is good news and they should release it soon. I'd keep an eye on their Facebook page for updates.
All I got was the movie Hugo which was a really great film. Didn't really follow or care for the other free gifts.   I might check out the Rolling Stones mini album though.
It looks like you can get VMware Fusion 5 using the following discount code: "fus5beta20"   You save $10.   I upgraded to version 5 standard from version 4 for $39.99, a $10 savings.   Not sure how long this is going to last so if you wish to upgrade to version 5 and don't want to pay $49, this is the way to do it.   I believe this works for both the Pro version and the Standard version.
  You can use a Boot Camp disk with VMware Fusion. Not sure why you would need two installations. You just run the Boot Camp disk from within Fusion. I think you do need two licenses, one for Boot Camp and one for VMware Fusion though.
Yes, you would need an 8GB flash drive. See How to Burn OS X Mountain Lion to a USB Flash Drive. I believed I used Disk Utility when I created my flash drive for Lion.   Hope this helps.
I just submitted a radar report for this via Apple's bug reporter and also used the feedback link.   I hope someone at Apple listens.
Thanks for catching that. I just went to iCloud.com and saw the iWork icon. I'm not sure what the missing icon is. An in browser editor would be cool though.
The link for the beta site does work. I believe the missing icon is for iWork. In the background, you can see Notes and Reminders. See screenshot  
New Posts  All Forums: