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Ack! The cable on my Apple LED Display is hardwired and the cable is too short. I thought I would just need an extension cable, but I can't find one anywhere?! Anyone know where to find one or know a creative hack to get around it?
At least part of the new cost is Apple's "greening" of the unit. Not only is green everything more expensive but Apple also probably has to pay the certification group EPEAT Gold their piece of the action and Energy Star as well. Also, the easy to disassemble / recycle case likely costs more to produce. You might as well get used to paying these "green/energy" taxes in the US. Our government is planning on this kind of tax (only mandated) for pretty much everything. I...
Huh? I will assume that is a typo...
A computer in SERIOUS need of an update; so I can buy one...
There is an iPod touch program called iRemote I think. Scan for remote in iApps.
The book you seek is: Switching to a Mac For Dummies (For Dummies (Computer/Tech)) (Paperback)
You have the account setting set to "guest" right? If you are reaching the "authenticating" part you are really close!
Yet another correction to the above instructions. Where it says "Select Bluetooth PAN" above, ignore that and select "Bluetooth" instead. Has anyone else made this work? I have now done it on three mac's, all T-Mobile USA and all with blackberry curves so I am curious if anyone else has had any success. Corey
I'm not sure why but AI ate the link in the last message to get the scripts. You need to go to taniwha.org.uk and download the 3G blackberry scripts. Either move all three scrips into your modem script folder or just move the "blackberry 3G CID 1" into the Library/ModemScripts folder. I have been putting the files directly into this folder, but it may work if you simply move the whole folder. I just did this same install for a friend of mine and the whole thing...
New Posts  All Forums: