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Most likely. In this case, and in my defense, it was her choice to remain on the dark side \. I'm convinced she will eventually see the light and make the move to the Mighty Mac !
I completely agree, simple as that . The reason I know is we recently upgraded my wife's Vista PC to Windows 7. She despised Vista from the very first day. I'm thinking she's been pleased with 7 since the upgrade, and now feels she can be productive with her PC rather than constantly fight the OS in order to do anything. I will, of course, remain with my Apple Macs and OS X, Leopard and Snow Leopard .
I highly recommend AppleCare. As most know, "stuff" happens, if or when it does, AppleCare is your safety net. Yes, I recommend spending a little money now, or possibly a bunch of money later. I purchase AppleCare on every Apple product if offered. You have the option of picking up AppleCare anytime during the first year. If you purchase it and never need it, cool beans. If you don't purchase it and need it, well, you know .
I don't have a car payment, I use the money that would have gone toward car payments for Apple stuff - 24" iMac, 14" iBook, 2nd Generation iPod Touch and so on .
Mom's right, you know it, she knows it and I know it. My wife chose the Compaq Presario with Vista Home Premium due to reduced price - less than 3 months ago, she's already had a blue screen of death and is constantly frustrated with the updates and reboot now scenarios. I've already had my quota of I told you so's. Now she says "I don't want to hear it." My iBook G4 is 3 years old, never a BSOD, my 24-inch iMac C2D is 2 years old, never a BSOD - Listen to Mom and get the...
No. To be fair though, I did forget to add YMMV . Thanks for the post, and I hope you give Cuil a chance as it hasn't been out the gate 24 hours yet .
Regardless what your Internet search engine of choice is, Cuil (cool) is new and by former Google employees that I believe is worth a look. It’s pretty snappy and results are displayed a bit differently. Here’s the link: http://www.cuil.com/
I love Apple, simple as that. Having said that though, with all of Microsoft's ups and downs, one must give kudos where kudos is due - in my opinion, Microsoft's Mac Business Unit has done a marvelous job with Microsoft Office: Mac 2008! Keep in mind, as always, your mileage may vary (YMMV). I also have, in no particular order: iWork '08, Schrieben, AbiWord, Appleworks(?), Bean, Mariner Write, and a ton of text, or document, editors. I see text manipulating apps and...
I've had no experience with memory depot. I thought I would pass along that I have had a pleasant experience with crucial. I bought my RAM upgrade module from them for my iBook G4 and everything went just as it should. http://www.crucial.com/
Today's the day! Starting at 10 A.M. PDT (Los Angeles) / 1 P.M. EDT (New York) download Firefox 3 "official" and let's go for the record of most software downloaded in 24 hours .
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