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market capacity very funny
Sounds like Apple decided to appeal a decision of a state authority; is that "suing the government"?
I need an iPhone 5 with the iPhone 4 form factor.
I hope Apple will keep a phone in its lineup with the iPhone 4 form factor. Of course it should also have the new connector and stuff, not like the 4S with the old connector... We could call it iPhone 5r, with r as in retro.
Does the pic show Williamson or Cue?
I always thought prepaid meant no subscription. What's prepaid in a plan with a (USD 55.-) monthly service fee?
I would assume these legal arguments were presented as well, but adding this political consideration seems apropriate in a country known for a judicial system that takes politics into consideration...
I say put the money into cloud infrastructure, then let them developer folks develop cloud apps for it, and take a 30 cut of the proceeds as usual :-)
isn't argentina in the wto?
you mean Nortels patents? I think Google is just trying to profit from the new antitrust review announced by officials because of the joint acquisition of these patents by a group of bidders. Probably they also send this complaint to the authority in charge of that review.
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