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isn't argentina in the wto?
you mean Nortels patents? I think Google is just trying to profit from the new antitrust review announced by officials because of the joint acquisition of these patents by a group of bidders. Probably they also send this complaint to the authority in charge of that review.
Lets auction the patent on eBay!!!
What is "Upon information and believe" supposed to mean? Is it that it's an educated guess?
figured it out, I had two QT instances open, lol
I get a terrible Echo in the conference call stream, its almost impossible to understand anything, what the heck
The other question is how much of AAPL is held by index funds... But whatever, the fundamentals remain the same and so I'd expect this hit to be temporary, until the funds have adjusted their positions. After that, everything returns to normal :-)
How could AAPL have such a huge weight in the NASDAQ in the first place?
But the whole idea of leaving out descriptive or generic terms is that competitors NEED them to do business, like if you want to sell a car you bloody well NEED to use the word car. I think to ask whether or not there is a NEED to use a term is the appropriate test to figure out whether that term is "descriptive" in the trademark law sense. And again, I don't see how Amazon needs to use the store suffix for apps, as they don't use it for anything else either. Which means...
Amazon don't use the "store" suffix for any of their other products either, like, they sell software but there aint no "software store". So why the heck is it a need for them to use the "store" suffix for apps? I don't think it is at all, it's just that Apple made this name popular and now Amazon takes a ride on it.
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