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it's "effect".
Stock price predictions are intuitive hype and their sole point is to generate ad views.
The enclosure of the google phone sure looks nice EOM
I would suppose a phone contains not only an audio power amp., but also an RF power amp., to drive the antenna?
It's infringement, not theft.
Hmm, I think he was saying that the one who makes a call to the mobile phone has to pay more. That seems to be correct, calls to mobile phones cost more than calls to ordinary wire-connected phones. I always thought that was true all over the world?
What would be the process to replace a Keyboard of a MacBook, in order to get a different keyboard layout? Say, I have a MacBook with a US Keyboard, and now I want to replace it with a CH keyboard. Is there some place I could buy that CH keyboard and then install it myself? If not, then does Apple offer such keyboard replacements, for a reasonable price?
Ah, thanks
Hi, Could someone please help me catch the text of that Get a Mac ad with the pie charts? The Mac guy starts out saying something like "I'm ... doing fun stuff like movies". What exactly does he say, in the place where I put the three dots?
Okay I'm just gona remove the comment I made... :-) I mean, I have removed it :P
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