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The page linked here pretty much explains everything, thanks. I notice that I got the subject of this thread wrong, "(PRODUCT)" and "RED" should stand together at the end of the trade name, as in "iPod nano (PRODUCT) RED. Unfortunately I can't edit the thread title.
Hello, Has anyone an idea why the brackets with the word "Product" are included in the trade name of this red iPod? I mean, yeah, it's a product, I wouldn't have had no doubt about that, even if it wasn't written in the name. Or have you ever seen a red service?
When I watch the webcasts of Apple media events, lastly the iPod nano presentation, I just can't seem to get an adequate volume level, even though both the System and QuickTime audio control sliders are at maximum. I guess I should mention I'm using this on a WinXP notebook. I now experienced the problem with the new QT7, but I remember having had the same issue with QT6. I'm not entirely sure whether this is a problem of the Apple webcasts or of QT on my system...
Given the cost of Flash memory, I wonder why apple or others don't make music players using removable flash memory, such as MemoryStick or those even smaller memory cards (from SanDisk for instance), that should significantly lower the cost of the music player and I could swap my removable memory between digicam, music player, pda and other devices, as I need it, making better use of this expensive ressource. No?
Hmm... The whole point of the iApps is to have something exclusive, something Mac-Only, to get people interested in buying a Mac. If it was open sourced, there´s a chance it´d get ported to Windows and there´d be one reason less to buy a Mac. So they must not be open sourced. The second thing is that I don´t believe OSS would even work for this type of software; OSS is for geeks and geeks want to fiddle with tech stuff and not with iApps. I mean, see Mozilla or the...
Hey, the Mac OS X dozzend have a journaling file system does it... but for the XServe thingy that´d be a useful feature wouldn´t it... so what about it?
I had a look at the current iPod in a near shop and found it's got some sharp edges around the top surface, they should make'em more like slightly rounded or something...
Well, there's still hope that with technological progress they will, one day, manage to dispense with the fan. I hate fans.
Well, there's still hope that with technological progress they will, one day, manage to dispense with the fan. I hate fans.
I agree a fan would be most unfortunate. And I agree also there's most likely such a fan inside, otherwise he wouldn't have failed to mention it. Sad, sad, sad.... Well, it's got the power supply inside and this graphics card and a G4, all of which make some heat,... I'm afraid I don't believe those who say there is no fan. I bet there is one. And at the beginning it will be very quiet, but after half a year of operation, or a full year, it will start whirrling, like...
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