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I'll buy one, whatever it is. This is a move in the RIGHT direction. Other companies should do the same.
Is it possible that when we got the new Appleinsider webpage, what we hadn't been told was that Samsung had bought Appleinsider?
Yes I think you are correct. This way I can sometimes watch pbsor a basketball game, isn't vpn wonderful?
When I read someone say they think Obama has had a "radical" past I thank God I live in Sweden.
On the US Apple website can they post a notice saying simply: "Yes, they did."    ?   :)
Are Apple products the best? Yes. But I find it disturbing that big multi-national corporations get such good press merely by acting as a conduit for the real cash donation, which come from John Q Public...you and me. Is it nice that Apple are allowing the iTunes store to be used for this? Sure. But this costs them next to nothing. I'd be far more impressed (and likely to use iTunes to make my donations) if Apple were to say they'd match my donation dollar for dollar....
Jesus H. these new Apple ads, like 99% of all advertising, are irritatingly condescending and so produce the same reaction as other ads; i.e. I kinda want to slap the voice-over guy and the guys who wrote them too. Nowhere near the pathetic Samsung ads but something to tune out and turn off from nonetheless. Get better material, those suck the BIG one!
Is "view-from-the-drivers-seat" an option in Apple's turn-by-turn navigation (as it is in Tom-Tom)? That is absolutely crucial for me. If they can do that AND fix the train stations in the ocean stuff (lol) I'd be interested. A Street-view type function would also be welcome.   Needless to say Maps will be a huge undertaking even for Apple. Still, early days for them in this department and given time I'm sure they'll do it right. 
Interesting, lol.   So please explain why "Samsung execs [who] are laughing their heads off at Apple's incompetence" decided yet again to spend millions of dollars on ad campaigns that mock people who buy *cough* *inferior Apple products*? It defies logic: why haven't they also launched campaigns against people who buy inferior LG phones, or for that matter Sony, Nokia or RIM devices? It seems to me that you would only target Apple specifically if you were scared sh*tless...
Samsung take note: your ads seem to have no negative effect on Apple sales, but hey, they're your millions of dollars to throw away as you see fit.    The whole ad campaign just reeks of desperation on Samsung's part so I imagine the iPhone 5 has really got them worried them just like the original iPhone did in 2007.   As a matter of fact you could argue that a strategy of ridiculing Apple 'line-waiters' is especially ineffective coming from a company like...
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