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High post count for someone that joined in April and keeps calling people trolls. Either you are yet another reincarnation of a previously banned person (I'd guess Tekstud) or a new disruptive poster...awesome.
Looking at the cleaning instructions for the AR Reflection-Free is seems rather fragile. I dunno why museum glass would normally be very scratch proof...it's not like artwork is meant to be handled a lot or comes into contact with keys very often... So evidently your due dilligence in the matter is quite lacking...Not zealotry as much as fatigue. Same ol same ol BS repeated ad nauseam gets less and less polite response because it deserves little consideration. No one...
What a cheap bastard! He could have handed me a benjamin...but noooo...all I got was this style over function uber thin twenty.
I like my wife's Lenovo S10. I've hooked it up to a monitor and keyboard and it's a nice little computer. For running powerpoint, surfing, etc it's just fine. Heck, I even did some light development on it with both VS and Eclipse. Still though, 90% of the usage is for gmail and surfing. For that the iPad will be awesome. Assuming that keynote input works okay for her documents (mine has been spotty in the past) she can even do document/briefing reviews. Apple REALLY...
No idea...tablets have always been a pretty tiny niche market. I dunno that I would credit Apple entirely though if the market triples. There were a gazillion new tablets at CES. Some obviously prompted by the iPad but others maybe more due to advances in software and hardware (faster ARM, Android, etc).
It's a shame that Apple hasn't sold an external iSight in a while. Getting this to work with the iPad would be nice.http://www.tuaw.com/2009/07/07/road-...ving-one-away/ Or even this:http://macdaddyworld.com/2008/01/12/...iew-iphonecam/
Ah...so it does. My bad and thanks for point that out.
Yes, and I don't expect much of a slowdown in the next 2.5 years especially given that the dual core A9s should be out in force later this year. Shame that the iPad wasn't 1st out of the gate on the A9s. The 2nd gen iPad can probably boast another 2x to 3x speed boost.
Gartner's estimates were stated to include the iPad. "Market researcher Gartner forecasts worldwide tablet PC sales of 10.5 million units in 2010, up from 1.06 million last year. It does not break out iPad figures, but expects the device to account for a vast majority of sales. Another researcher, iSuppli, expects worldwide iPad sales of 7.1 million units in 2010, 14.4 million in 2011 and 20.1 million in 2012."
Sorry, tablet sales were 10.5M units...UP 1.06M from 2009. So 2009 estimates are around 9.4M units. Still...7% in a day is still impressive. If Apple does the 7.1M estimated by iSuppli and Gartner's 10.5m units is in the right ballpark then it will capture and astounding 70% of the market in the 1st year. It'll BE the tablet market.
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