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Well, I see that the Apple community represented here on AI is not a very open one when it comes to differing opinions.     I guess you guys win.  I am done with AI.
 And I could read this as saying you don't accept opinions that are at odds with your own. Block list.
 Welcome to my block list.  
 Sadly, they are also aiming the OS to the masses, as opposed to keeping it clean and good.  Money is king, not quality.
Apple stores in Japan had trouble with Chinese mass-buyers trying to cut in line and also 100 caused damage at the Osaka shop.   Where I live all was peaceful; several shops with display models amazingly had no customers, so I could just walk in and not have to wait to play with the devices.   Saw the phones.  Nice hardware.  Too bad they run what IMO is a horrible looking OS, so I'm not interested.  Millions are buying it, though.  Good for them.  I'll stick with my...
Like many companies, they probably work on a lot of things that nobody has any clue that they are working on.  Whether those projects ever make it to market is another thing.   Make a list and you could possibly hit it, or completely miss.   A ring (one ring to rule them all) Glasses (why only Google?) Tooth implants Coffee Maker (yeah, Apple would finally do this right)   or...   The iRumorCreator or... The iLackofRumorStressCreator    
  Did you just really just try to insult anyone who has thin bone structure?  What do you consider "manly"?  Does it take a real man to look at smaller people and call them girly?  What about many Asian men?  Do you consider them girly because of their physical size?
I haven't owned a watch in ten years but will give this baby a look.   My decision to buy, or have true interest, however, will hinge on whether I can jump for iOS8.  I am not interested in the new iPhones at the moment because of iOS7.  Once 8 is released I will spend some time at my local shop to see if I like it or not.
This is a discussion that belongs in another thread and will likely lead to a heated debate. 
  LOL The current one is a good machine, so a replacement would have to be a pretty nice update to warrant the cost.  
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