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 It wasn't available when I bought my current iMac, and I didn't know how great an arm was at that time anyways, so I wouldn't have gotten one, probably.  I discovered the arm after the arrival of the nMP, which I wanted to provide a small screen for.  Along the way I also changed out my desk and now have less room than before (down from 80 x 150 cm to 65 x 130).  With the iMac sitting atop two bags of A4 paper taking up a lot of space, yeah, now I want a VESA mounted iMac.  
 Having a nice day?
 My opinion is an evaluation, based on my personal experience and is therefore not "incorrect."  You disagree with my opinion, and I think that is fine.  I would stay at (usually) very good.  Great would be a different level, but would be very expensive, which would truly cut into profits.  (There have been flops along the way.) I love my iMac.  But, for example, why in the heck is the SD card slot around back where it is hard to reach?  That lowers the usability and thus...
From a business standpoint, yes, they are doing very well. That does not mean that their products are perfect.  Popular, yes.  Perfect, no.  They are in business to make money, not necessarily great products. Android is very popular, and Windows.  Are they great?
    Is this the first suggestion of a Failnote?  In years past we have occasionally started threads anticipating people's disappointment with the keynote (primarily because they didn't get exactly what they themselves wanted and because they know much better than Apple).  With such a big structure going up (and without knowing it is truly Apple's), should we start a thread this year?
Buying popcorn now...   I promise to not eat it until the event...
All products updated.  Retina iMacs.  Retina Cinema Displays.  Mac mini (FINALLY).  Mac Pro.  Slimmer MBA.  MBP recently updated (kinda blows my concept, but ...)  Hands on.   New products debuted.  Watch.  Home controllers.  TV.   Hands on.   Space for actual health care professionals to demo their products and the HealthKit tie-in.   Space for car manufacturers to show off i-integration.   Christmas in September.  Complete with Santa.   Carols to be sung by U2....
  I don't know about the auto-correct here at AI, but I know that my Mac tries to auto-correct everything I type into British English spellings.  I have to go back and fix them.  Things like "colour" instead of "color."  I have nothing against British English, but I use American English and hope the spellings follow suit. Edit: the prefs were set at "automatic by language" so I changed that to "U.S. English."  Hopefully that will help! System Prefs >> Keyboard >> Text
  As this thread seems to be primarily focused on language due to this post, it would only be logical to follow suit and point out there is an error in this post. You wrote:The word "had" has enjoyed an incredibly surge in popularity in the last couple years. More and more writers are using it superfluously and incorrectly. The underlined part in red should read: "incredible surge."  
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