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I'll have to try that one!
 I think I might be in a minority!  Glad it worked for you.  Several apps I use work fine in Yosemite; full screen and you hardly notice the UI underneath. My beef is with the Apple UI, and the Apple apps.  But as I said early on, maybe I am just getting dated and cannot keep up with what is considered "good modern design".  I can accept that, but will provide my feedback in case others have problems similar to mine. iOS7 is an abomination.  As more and more developers...
  The fuzziness could be target display mode from my Mac mini.  I don't know.  The secondary display is fuzzy by default! It could also be that I find the entire UI unrefined, sorta like iOS7, which I still consider an abomination to the eye.
 Thanks for the concern, but I have a lot of experience with dry eyes and this feels very different.  I once got a similar feeling when I took a nice photograph and applied a ton of effects to it in Photoshop while just messing around; focus, color balance, many things.  
Just had another session with Yosemite.  Eyes started feeling strange after just five minutes.  I honestly do not know what the problem is; Target Display Mode (no problem with my Mac Pro)? font size? general fuzziness? translucency? lack of contrast?  disbelief at what I was looking at?  However, I forced myself to have a good look, and now thankfully am back on the iMac.  Needed a break and eyedrops first, though.  Seriously.   Just to check, I switched the display...
Looks nice, Relic.     I have a blast with Logic and its iPad app.  Love driving the neighbours crazy!
 Though the number of comments flowing in to Apple will likely be huge and repetitive (thousands might comment on the exact same point), if they have a good system for processing them they could get a lot of good feedback that they could (just could) use to make the OS more appealing to more people.  Then again, there also will be a lot of users participating in the beta who are still not developers who have fairly specific needs/wishes and tastes, so the comments need to...
My first attempt worked fine, too.   Call me one of the lucky ones.   As to Yosemite... well...  I hope all of these new beta testers, who aren't focusing on their own apps, will provide good feedback to improve this beast before it is released.
  Thanks. Last year I felt very strongly about iOS7 (still do) and have put up with a lot of flak for voicing my concerns.  For example: http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/159669/adoption-of-apples-ios-7-at-32-after-48-hours-outpacing-ios-6/120#post_2407543(read a few posts down from there)
  Looking around the net and there are quite a few who are not liking a lot about the UI, from the font making text difficult to read (I concur here, it seems fuzzy) to the dark setting not being dark.  They are sending feedback. I wonder if Apple knows what's coming?   More importantly, I wonder if they care. Hopefully, iMacs and minis will be updated before Yosemite goes mainstream, so I can upgrade a machine or two and wait out the UI changes if necessary. I sometimes...
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