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March is almost here...  shipping still says April.  Maybe they are catching up?   My order got in just before the delivery slipped to March (at least my shop thinks so) so I could get mine any day now.   Fingers crossed!
  Lots of people like iOS7.  However, I am not one and still have iOS6 on all but one iDevice, and the one device is rarely used, less so for apps that have been updated. Hopefully iOS8 will have a UI that is visually more appealing.  What that is, I'm not really sure.
Some fan sites (and news sites) out there are causing something nothing short of a panic over the security flaw.     I doubt it will be long before somebody points to the Mac OS X page on Apple's site where they say boldly:   Security was the first thought. Not an afterthought.   Somebody will find a way to start a class action over this, I'm sure.  To the benefit of a single lawyer.
  I have had plenty over the past several months.  Most I narrowed down to a USB device, the Countour Shuttle Pro 2.  Most of the rest were a single app; though I haven't tried recently, I could repeat the error and cause a panic.   Stopped using the Shuttle Pro, changed how I used the app and no more panics. I don't know but it would be awesome if they could prevent panics altogether, and also eliminate the need for restarts.  I recall the Acorn computers didn't need...
 You notice I said people are thinking it?
  That they spent so much time and effort on during this time of crisis.  
  Haven't checked, but the nearest one is pretty far away (two hours by bullet train).  If they offered discounts for tickets... (!)
Could this change have waited a while so they could fix the security problem in OSX?   Sure, different department.  But I am sure a lot of people are thinking this.
  I am still holding out hope that mine will arrive by the end of the month... Stay positive... stay positive...
Ouch.  Just checked the Logitech discussion...  They say the K811 cannot toggle TDM... no non-Apple keyboard can.     I can always leave my Apple keyboard off to the side and use it just for this, but...   The idea is right but the execution could be far better.    To get this right, the keyboard and trackpad need to be able to be easily switched between computers.
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