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Steve was a true master.
The more stuff looks like iOS7, the less I am impressed.       We are regressing.
The new Pixelmator puts both GPUs in the Mac Pro to use, as well as harnessing other facets of the new machine.  16 bit color, too!   http://www.pixelmator.com   That was fast!   Hopefully other developers will get their acts together and start tweaking their apps for the MacPro soon.   I know of one 3D app where the developer has suggested he hopes to do that this year: Cheetah3D.
 My shop is checking to see if they can order it; they used to deal with that importer but ... AirPort is already registered in Japan, if memory serves, thus the name change.  When I first heard AirMac, though, I thought it was some kind of diet burger at McDonald's, as if that is possible.  Speaking of burgers, I think I'll have dinner at Mos Burger tonight... 
My daily head bashing and flip-flopping over which computer to get ended today: I dove head first and ordered a Mac Pro 6-core, 32GB RAM, 1TB storage, D700s.  Now starts the daily head bashing over how to pay for it.     FinallyI can get back to work and have a couple of projects ready for the new Render Beast  (genus and species pending) when it arrives some time next month (very open ended delivery date: February).  
 It's only slightly more than my first Mac... a Mac Plus. My iPhone is more powerful than the MacPlus.
 Like a phone.
Amazon Japan has it for about $120.  I'm still looking for another dealer.  Usually things aren't bad here, but every now and then you get a greedy importer that then only deals through a limited number of outlets, keeping the price high.     Will consider getting a a new Airport device (called AirMac here in Japan because of some reason).
 I didn't see that!  Loads on my iMac, but the vid just keeps loading and reloading on my iPad. The price in Japan is double the price in the US.  Major Bummer.  
New Posts  All Forums: