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 Just got my K811 tonight.  It's pretty nice, but I have to get used to using an American layout again!  I've been on Japanese keyboards for years; the larger return key is useful. One question: I can't seem to use Command F2 to change to target display mode; I'm testing it with the iMac and the mini  It works fine on my Apple keyboard.  Does yours work?
 I stopped reading right there.
I was surprised by how few athletes actually carried cameras while walking in; they popped out a variety of devices once they sat.   We watched the opening ceremony live on NHK (Japan's national broadcaster) albeit with crappy announcers talking over most of it; it started at about 1:15am and went the full three hours.  There was a replay from about 9:00am so people could watch it who had not stayed up.   Another corporation, NBC, made the call to not carry the opening...
I suggest that all athletes simply not take any cameras at all... just Air Cams.  That would get people talking and not break the rules.
  At the London Olympics, within a certain zone, you could only buy French fries from McDonalds.  No local fish & chips shops could ply their chips. The Clown had complete control over the fries.  Yep.  Local London chips makers were forbidden from selling chips in their own city. This is not a Russian problem, nor one of less freedom than in their home countries.  It is corporate sponsors going wild and the IOC giving them the green light.
  I recall during the London Olympics that a pub that had the name "Olympic" had to change its name. The Olympics do this all the time.  Sick, but reality. Once upon a time they were for amateur athletes.  Now so much money is poured into them for the sake of image or medals or whatever that they are just a big business like everything else.
 If only Apple would allow customers to revert.  They lock the option out, IMO, so that they can produce data points like this one.  They don't say how happy the people are with iOS7, just that lots have updated.
I understand that some/many people like iOS7; I personally cannot stand it.  It is only on 1 of the 5 iDevices at my house, and is never going on any of the others.  Yeah, soon I will be limited in the apps I can buy, but I pretty much have everything I want/need.  As I feared, they said that Mac OS 10.10 will also become flatter; I'll have to and and see how bad they make it.   Apple seems to be doing quite well without me regularly updating my iPhones and iPads....
  I can imagine Steve commenting on that one!
Steve was a true master.
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