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 Thanks for prodding me to think again; I needed it.  As I haven't ordered yet, I have some time to weigh options again. Spent the past few days really working in FCPX and found myself wondering how much of a boost the hex with D700's would be.  I will not be going to 4K in the next couple of years (just bought a nice full HD cam), but I do like to play with some effects, which send the machine into rendering for a while.  Compressor has easier to configure distributive...
After a bit of research, I am adding a new iMac to my mix at work in preparation for a couple of big projects this year.     My current mini did not fair well in speed tests with the apps I will use; compared to my current iMac it was taking 2 to 3 times as long to complete tasks.  Worse, any CPU-intensive rendering makes it sound like a tea kettle in a very short time.  When it was bought it did what it was needed for very well, but as my needs have changed it can't...
My 2012 iMac is not showing great write speeds...  They start off at 288, then start falling, down to 120.     What's up with that?
Went by my local shop to look at the nMP.  Lovely machine.  Modern.  Attached to an old Apple TB display that was emitting tons of heat.   Why hasn't Apple at least made a display out of the iMac design?  Less reflective, slimmer, cooler, more energy efficient.   Kinda diminishes the greenness of the MP.
Saw the new improved UI elements on another site...  Slowly, Apple is making iOS7 less of a visual disaster.  Still has a long ways to go, but they are working on it.  Surprising that it has taken them this long to get to what should have been an internal beta.
Another first impression vid:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqgKBnPViS0   Just because it has a unique opening: 2013 MAC PRO UNBOXING - YouTube
MacFormat has posted two more vids... one on Bootcamp and one on the 4k display.   http://www.youtube.com/user/MacFormatUK?feature=watch   Nothing from Digitalclips yet.  Must be having fun.
  The 2nd quote was essentially announced by the 1st.  Should I be impressed, anyways? BTW, you refer to "Dysan" in a couple of posts.  Do you mean Dyson?  Or was the error intentional, as Dysan is flagged by my spell-checker, whereas Dyson is not. The former is a media company that no longer exists.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dysan The latter is the vacuum cleaner (among other things) maker.http://www.dyson.com/default.aspx
Or perhaps they know how many people from various fields are buying their machines and made a logical decision to make a machine that would make them good money.
 Your emphasis of "professionals" seems to suggest that only people who don't need graphics computation are professionals, and then your final point again dismisses some of Apple's big users.  Personally, I don't like the plastic iPhone (and I absolutely cannot stand iOS7).  That's life.  I don't have to buy it.  But, it is selling, which is good for Apple, which is their business. They are not in business to create a custom, made-to-order phone just for me.  I can...
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