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The Goldman Sachs of such moral standing?   http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/the-people-vs-goldman-sachs-20110511   Didn't Tim just school some stockholder about doing the right thing the other day?
Awesome!  When did you order?   Nice TV/display... what is it?
March has marched in and I am still waiting for a change in my order status.  Hope it is soon...     BTW, as the topic has shifted a bit, my favorite Mac of all-time was my first, a Mac Plus bought sometime around 1988.  It was an amazing machine for its day and not only helped me get through school (tons of papers were written on it... and tons of games were played, especially Strategic Conquest... we could spend entire weekends on games) but also helped me with my...
 That would require maturity, which is asking too much from the people who try to write laws like this one.
 I know that right now they suggest that with Mac OS, "Security was the first thought.  Not an afterthought."http://www.apple.com/osx/what-is/ Some people might have a heyday with that one.
 That will be a major step up!  Congratulations!
 I knew I was cutting it close, so I'm not too frustrated. Have tons of projects ready to render on it; it will be working 24/7 for a good while!
March is almost here...  shipping still says April.  Maybe they are catching up?   My order got in just before the delivery slipped to March (at least my shop thinks so) so I could get mine any day now.   Fingers crossed!
  Lots of people like iOS7.  However, I am not one and still have iOS6 on all but one iDevice, and the one device is rarely used, less so for apps that have been updated. Hopefully iOS8 will have a UI that is visually more appealing.  What that is, I'm not really sure.
New Posts  All Forums: