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Glad to see some improvement.  Still a long way to go.   While they're at it, I hope they try fixing iOS7.  But that might require releasing iOS8...
    Why are people who have a problem when you don't dismissed as "paranoid schizos"?  What they say as "background noise"?  And why should those people switch platforms?  Yes.  Many people like the new OS and iOS.  Some don't, and some actually have real, serious problems (loss of data, loss of accessibility, vertigo).  That does not make them any lesser than those who like it and they shouldn't be ridiculed for their positions/opinions/health.
  Me knows.  I's thinkeng that were mine problems.  Me don'ts gone skuuling. But him are many considerate.
  You are so considerate!   Thanks!
Mavericks is great.  (the updates to Pages, Keynote, Numbers, well... what were they thinking???)   There are two problems I have run in to.   First, wake from sleep can be very slow and the screen jumps through two or three iterations before coming up full (outlines of where things were/are to be, bluish screen).  This could be because I just installed directly with the App store and did not do a fresh install.  I may do that at some point because I can bet that I...
 Had to try!
Hope they release the pricing for the BTO options soon.      I would consider a 6 or 8 core machine with D300 and 32GB RAM and a 1TB SSD.  Drool...   However, I would prefer to wait for the first update and speed bump.
A retina mini would be nice.  I saw the iPad air closely yesterday and it was pretty nice.   But, they both run iOS7, which will keep me from buying.   If they could run iOS6...
Some people do so I posted it here.   I have WD drives (Thunderbolt) and tried the apps, but never used them.
Just got a message from WD saying there is a risk of data loss if you use their software manager and drives.   From the community forum (I doubt they will mind it is copied and pasted as this could be very serious for some users).   External Drives for Mac Experiencing Data Loss with Maverick OS (10/30/13)  [ Edited ] Options   3 hours ago - last edited 3 hours ago There are reports of Western Digital and other external HDD products...
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