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 They day I stop dreaming is the day I die.
This is in jest:  But, but, but, you fail to realise that Apple always has everything perfectly thought out and that the iMac is perfect for you.  The problem is the stuff in your room, or maybe the room, or maybe the entire house.  Why don't you rebuild your house around the iMac that so suits your needs?  End of jest.     Seriously, different customers have different needs and desires and I think it would be very difficult for Apple to fulfil all of them (I can only...
A lot of people do.  Most, in fact.  A good many don't.  [If I am reading the data on another Apple fan site right.] I admitted earlier that I am getting dated, and I know that I will not like everything Apple does (the horror! Some people here will hate me for this...).  iOS7 still is an abomination as far as I'm concerned.  Yosemite is not as bad, and with translucency off it is almost OK.  A few tweaks and it should be nice.
OK... Using it again tonight with Transparency reduced and increased contrast on.  This makes it much better.  There are still some oddities but I can actually put up with this. Maybe.   In other words: once I turned off a couple of the main design elements, it is better.  That doesn't say much for the design.   Also turned the selector on for buttons, etc to Grey, not Blue.  The red, yellow and green dots at the top left of windows was driving me mad.
Does anyone else see the optical illusion in Calendars... Year view?  Everything seems curved/slanted to the right and down...   But it isn't.   Or is it?
  That's why they have parental controls...
Please be true.
  I had to throw a very complicated 3D scene at it... full of trees, bushes and flowers, all individual instances, not replicas.  Calculated indirect lighting, transparency, shadows, you name it I switched it on.  A full 1920x1080 image that took 5 hours to crank out (not my normal, I was just having fun!).  Only then did it raise the fan noise three or four times so that it was noticeable over the AC on the wall (in Japan we use single room slim types), which was set on...
  And it does that almost silently.
  But us Americans, we not so good at science and reality.  Equinox ... solstice...  ain't that some pagan thing?  Money is our God.   
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