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My first attempt worked fine, too.   Call me one of the lucky ones.   As to Yosemite... well...  I hope all of these new beta testers, who aren't focusing on their own apps, will provide good feedback to improve this beast before it is released.
  Thanks. Last year I felt very strongly about iOS7 (still do) and have put up with a lot of flak for voicing my concerns.  For example: http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/159669/adoption-of-apples-ios-7-at-32-after-48-hours-outpacing-ios-6/120#post_2407543(read a few posts down from there)
  Looking around the net and there are quite a few who are not liking a lot about the UI, from the font making text difficult to read (I concur here, it seems fuzzy) to the dark setting not being dark.  They are sending feedback. I wonder if Apple knows what's coming?   More importantly, I wonder if they care. Hopefully, iMacs and minis will be updated before Yosemite goes mainstream, so I can upgrade a machine or two and wait out the UI changes if necessary. I sometimes...
 Bingo.  I plan to tinker over the weekend and send my first round of feedback on Sunday or Monday.
 Same iMac here, but I am running 10.10 on a Mac mini in Target Display Mode.  10.10 will not be installed in the iMac (one of my primary machines) unless there are some changes to the UI.   I'm not having issues as in problems with an improper install.  My issue is the design of the UI.  The promo pics I had seen (Apple's site, etc) led me to expect some of what I am seeing.  Personally, I don't really like it.  My reaction is no where as strong as it was to iOS7; at...
I can't post images either.   One thing I don't like with the translucency is it was occasionally unclear which window was active; with a dark background, the active window sometimes had darker regions than inactive windows, which were largely white.   When layering several window atop of each other, slightly off to one side or another, the delineation between windows was less than clear.   The main menu bar at the top is also less clear than that in 10.9.    The...
 1 - Will look at that later.  I do like the settings for icon size; there is some interesting stuff yet for me to discover. 2 - True.  I consider it that way.  Will others?
So kind.  Thanks for your support!   Any consideration for a differing opinion?  Or, why would they put out a beta if they don't want feedback?  Is everyone supposed to just ooh and aww over it and slobber and say it's the best thing we've ever seen?       In it's current form, there is no non-translucent setting I could find.  I am not a programmer, just a user, so I can't go throughout the code.  I just want to use it.  I know it is a beta and that things will be...
The feedback app says:   Please let us know about anything that seems broken or unexpected.   Doesn't sound like they want much feedback on design, but I will try.   I have started blinking a lot since using 10.10.  
I will be giving feedback after I have had a little more time.   I am just doing things the way I always have; there are times I change desktops (Spaces is a great friend, and I have dual displays) but there are times when I just shove lots of things on to a single desktop because it's easier to work with that way. I also use my iMac as a display (10.10 is on a mini) and thus can switch instantly between screens using 10.9 and 10.0.  Makes the differences even more stark.
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