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  A - Yeah, they can be a pretty penny.B-  Lots of people are probably waiting for Apple to get with it.  They had a perfect chance to release a display when they released the Mac Pro.  They would have sold well.  Now lots of people have gone elsewhere so whatever (if ever) Apple releases may not sell in the same volume, at least not at first. BTW Glad to hear you are enjoying the new machine.  It is awesome.  I have only heard the fan ramp up a few times, but only when...
Has it arrived, yet?
  My 2012 is now a dedicated test machine; 3D rendering was causing it to whiz an whir and levitate, so I "upgraded" it to a Mac Pro.  Would love to see an updated mini that I could then use for a render farm...  (if Daz would ever get their act together and fix their apps). The mini has Yosemite on it.  Personally, I feel that I have insulted the machine by putting such an ugly OS on it, but I seem to be in a minority.
 I would consider a mini or a new iMac... VESA mounted... with Mavericks installed (yeah, I want to grab something before the Yosemite launch).
  I will fire up Yosemite again tomorrow, but just on the 1920x1080 display.  I don't have problems with TDM and my MacPro, but the Mini might be distorting things. I am trying to like Yosemite.  Really.  I would like to  love it.  So far, that just isn't the case, and I have been bracing for that for a year since iOS7 was released.
I'll have to try that one!
 I think I might be in a minority!  Glad it worked for you.  Several apps I use work fine in Yosemite; full screen and you hardly notice the UI underneath. My beef is with the Apple UI, and the Apple apps.  But as I said early on, maybe I am just getting dated and cannot keep up with what is considered "good modern design".  I can accept that, but will provide my feedback in case others have problems similar to mine. iOS7 is an abomination.  As more and more developers...
  The fuzziness could be target display mode from my Mac mini.  I don't know.  The secondary display is fuzzy by default! It could also be that I find the entire UI unrefined, sorta like iOS7, which I still consider an abomination to the eye.
 Thanks for the concern, but I have a lot of experience with dry eyes and this feels very different.  I once got a similar feeling when I took a nice photograph and applied a ton of effects to it in Photoshop while just messing around; focus, color balance, many things.  
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