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  That's why they have parental controls...
Please be true.
  I had to throw a very complicated 3D scene at it... full of trees, bushes and flowers, all individual instances, not replicas.  Calculated indirect lighting, transparency, shadows, you name it I switched it on.  A full 1920x1080 image that took 5 hours to crank out (not my normal, I was just having fun!).  Only then did it raise the fan noise three or four times so that it was noticeable over the AC on the wall (in Japan we use single room slim types), which was set on...
  And it does that almost silently.
  But us Americans, we not so good at science and reality.  Equinox ... solstice...  ain't that some pagan thing?  Money is our God.   
  A - Yeah, they can be a pretty penny.B-  Lots of people are probably waiting for Apple to get with it.  They had a perfect chance to release a display when they released the Mac Pro.  They would have sold well.  Now lots of people have gone elsewhere so whatever (if ever) Apple releases may not sell in the same volume, at least not at first. BTW Glad to hear you are enjoying the new machine.  It is awesome.  I have only heard the fan ramp up a few times, but only when...
Has it arrived, yet?
  My 2012 is now a dedicated test machine; 3D rendering was causing it to whiz an whir and levitate, so I "upgraded" it to a Mac Pro.  Would love to see an updated mini that I could then use for a render farm...  (if Daz would ever get their act together and fix their apps). The mini has Yosemite on it.  Personally, I feel that I have insulted the machine by putting such an ugly OS on it, but I seem to be in a minority.
 I would consider a mini or a new iMac... VESA mounted... with Mavericks installed (yeah, I want to grab something before the Yosemite launch).
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