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  I can imagine Steve commenting on that one!
Steve was a true master.
The more stuff looks like iOS7, the less I am impressed.       We are regressing.
The new Pixelmator puts both GPUs in the Mac Pro to use, as well as harnessing other facets of the new machine.  16 bit color, too!   http://www.pixelmator.com   That was fast!   Hopefully other developers will get their acts together and start tweaking their apps for the MacPro soon.   I know of one 3D app where the developer has suggested he hopes to do that this year: Cheetah3D.
 My shop is checking to see if they can order it; they used to deal with that importer but ... AirPort is already registered in Japan, if memory serves, thus the name change.  When I first heard AirMac, though, I thought it was some kind of diet burger at McDonald's, as if that is possible.  Speaking of burgers, I think I'll have dinner at Mos Burger tonight... 
My daily head bashing and flip-flopping over which computer to get ended today: I dove head first and ordered a Mac Pro 6-core, 32GB RAM, 1TB storage, D700s.  Now starts the daily head bashing over how to pay for it.     FinallyI can get back to work and have a couple of projects ready for the new Render Beast  (genus and species pending) when it arrives some time next month (very open ended delivery date: February).  
 It's only slightly more than my first Mac... a Mac Plus. My iPhone is more powerful than the MacPlus.
 Like a phone.
Amazon Japan has it for about $120.  I'm still looking for another dealer.  Usually things aren't bad here, but every now and then you get a greedy importer that then only deals through a limited number of outlets, keeping the price high.     Will consider getting a a new Airport device (called AirMac here in Japan because of some reason).
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