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So kind.  Thanks for your support!   Any consideration for a differing opinion?  Or, why would they put out a beta if they don't want feedback?  Is everyone supposed to just ooh and aww over it and slobber and say it's the best thing we've ever seen?       In it's current form, there is no non-translucent setting I could find.  I am not a programmer, just a user, so I can't go throughout the code.  I just want to use it.  I know it is a beta and that things will be...
The feedback app says:   Please let us know about anything that seems broken or unexpected.   Doesn't sound like they want much feedback on design, but I will try.   I have started blinking a lot since using 10.10.  
I will be giving feedback after I have had a little more time.   I am just doing things the way I always have; there are times I change desktops (Spaces is a great friend, and I have dual displays) but there are times when I just shove lots of things on to a single desktop because it's easier to work with that way. I also use my iMac as a display (10.10 is on a mini) and thus can switch instantly between screens using 10.9 and 10.0.  Makes the differences even more stark.
After an hour of use, I can say again there are some major tweaks needed to the UI.  I find it difficult to see sometimes.   The translucency is a useless, gimmicky goop that is more irritant than anything else.  Put a couple of windows atop of each other and it gets messy, fast.  Overall, it makes it difficult to see what is being focuses on.  I honestly cannot believe they let this out of the lab.  The menu bars are also unbalanced visually and the RYG dots are not...
I have a 2nd machine just for this kind of testing...  installed no problem just now.     First impression is there are some very needed tweaks to the UI; I find it a bit awkward and even distracting (especially with the transparency- I thought my display had a problem until I remembered that it is my iMac that is actually fine).  Some color usage is odd to me, but I need more time.   My opinion may change over time.  (Sadly, though, it did not with iOS7, so I don't...
 iPad 3 is great.  What updates would you consider "proper"?
Has anyone done a study linking the device and the OS?  I wonder if the newest iPad sales are lower due to the installed OS.     People aren't buying the device completely separately from the OS, so I assume there is some link.   I have posted many times here about how I personally dislike iOS7 and can say for a fact that iOS7 kept me from buying an iPad Air.  If the Air ran iOS6 I would buy it.  Ditto for the wife.  That is two sales that were determined not by the...
I think it would be the perfect place for it. 
Wow.  What a thread.     Should be moved to Political Outsider.
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