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 iPad 3 is great.  What updates would you consider "proper"?
Has anyone done a study linking the device and the OS?  I wonder if the newest iPad sales are lower due to the installed OS.     People aren't buying the device completely separately from the OS, so I assume there is some link.   I have posted many times here about how I personally dislike iOS7 and can say for a fact that iOS7 kept me from buying an iPad Air.  If the Air ran iOS6 I would buy it.  Ditto for the wife.  That is two sales that were determined not by the...
I think it would be the perfect place for it. 
Wow.  What a thread.     Should be moved to Political Outsider.
My apologies. Seems it was fixed, so all is well.   Also updated my original post to make it clearer.
  The word in red had been left out.  It has now been fixed.
 Cool.  I live out of the country so I have lost touch with what the kids are playing with.  
 LOL. Haven't seen a Simon in sooooo many years.  Do the young ones of today know what they are? JJ would be old enough to remember...
The part could also be a mock up built after having seen the real thing, so it may look right, but not be right.     Also, I hate to do this, but this kind of mistake appears in articles on news sites far too often (yep, even over on CNN):   This sentence:   "In a video posted to YouTube late Friday, a part purported to be Apple's "iPhone 6" cover glass was again exposed torture test, this time failing to resist scratches from garnet sandpaper, a material softer...
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