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Or perhaps they know how many people from various fields are buying their machines and made a logical decision to make a machine that would make them good money.
 Your emphasis of "professionals" seems to suggest that only people who don't need graphics computation are professionals, and then your final point again dismisses some of Apple's big users.  Personally, I don't like the plastic iPhone (and I absolutely cannot stand iOS7).  That's life.  I don't have to buy it.  But, it is selling, which is good for Apple, which is their business. They are not in business to create a custom, made-to-order phone just for me.  I can...
 I had very frequent crashes on AI until I upgraded to 10.9.1.  On the Mac, at least, it was an OS problem, not AI, but it manifested only on AI.  I am no techie, so I cannot start to explain. I don't use my iPad for posting so I don't know about that.  
 Sighted...  post #81
  Can't wait to read his first impressions.   Got to play with a base quad machine at my local reseller tonight.  Sadly, there wasn't much to play with as they still haven't received the data install package from Apple for display models.  So it was as any home users machine fresh out of the box.  Hopefully, Apple will finally let them install FCPX on it (the shop doesn't have FCP in its normal package install, which is decided by Apple Japan). Awesome looking machine,...
Apple Store is still showing availability as February so it looks like they are past the initial order rush.   I wonder how many people waited until the wee hours of the morning to order this baby.
Things seem to have gone quiet...  MacFormat hasn't uploaded any new videos... nobody has.  Nor any new reviews that I can find.   Guess all the early owners are too busy playing?  Don't tell me everybody is taking the holidays away from their spiffy new MacPros?
Posted a similar link in another thread.   These guys have a Mac Pro and are posting daily videos about it.   http://www.youtube.com/user/MacFormatUK?feature=watch   The Dell 23.8" 4K display is in the first video.  They had to do something to make the full HD video clear...  HiDPI?  Anybody played with that?
Test showing Handbrake on MacPro 8 core and compares it to an old iMac (2010).   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohd8LNWGjiI&feature=c4-overview&list=UUeUg1OF5WYp6JPJ15lZvthg   quad-core i5 2.8GHz 2.5 hours averaging 6 frames per second   new MacPro cores maxed converting faster than real time: 40fps     Heaven benchmark   more
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