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Still waiting... 66 days.  Orders made weeks after mine are getting delivered.   What is the holdup, Apple?
  It was a joke...
Sales tax in Japan goes up 3% from April, which would add $180 to the cost of the MP (CTO).  I am not against the tax, but I would like to have the money to spend elsewhere!   Conspiracy theory:  Apple is delaying my order until the tax increase in order to....    
The waiting for the nMP thread on another site is getting very long.  Finally, people who ordered around the time I did are getting theirs, so with any luck my wait will be over soon.   Fortunately this will be my last machine for a couple of years so I won't have to go through this again (waited forever last year for an iMac).   Every now and then I peek art Apple's MP page, where they say things like:  "What's truly radical is what you can do with it... we can't wait...
  I'm at 8 weeks...  Ordered Jan 16.
 When did you order?
  Can't wait to get mine and stop the whining that my mini is putting out every day!  It seriously sounds like it is about to blast off some times.
Still no change in status.   We should know soon whether Apple is catching up to demand.  OldCodger73 got his machine in 67 days (if my calculations are correct) after ordering in December.  I'm still "only" at 53 days after ordering in January, slightly less than one month later.  If Apple is catching up to demand, then I should get mine sooner rather than later.  If they aren't catching up, then it's anybody's guess.   My order was placed before the Apple Store...
    Wow.  That was rich.  
The Goldman Sachs of such moral standing?   http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/the-people-vs-goldman-sachs-20110511   Didn't Tim just school some stockholder about doing the right thing the other day?
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