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My shop called Apple again today and, though I don't know the content of the discussion, my order status has moved up a notch.   So, there is hope yet...     A frustrating wait to go through, but I hope to putting the beast to good use soon and forget about it all.
Sorry.     I was told today that my order placed on January 16 would arrive in April.   I called the Apple Store to see when an order placed now (late March) would arrive.  They said April.   I've been an Apple user since the Apple IIe back in the 1980s.  Have had ups and downs in my satisfaction with them.  Am in one of the down periods right now, I guess.
Stopped by my shop, an Apple Premium Reseller, today.  They had just checked with Apple.   My order will not process until April.     Yeah, April.  And they can even say early, mid or late April.   THREE MONTHS.  Or MORE.     Regarding the sales tax increase, the shop was essentially told, tough.     Checking online, people who ordered in February are already receiving their orders.  Not the same config, but the same parts (6 core, 32GB RAM, 1TB, D700), so it is...
Still waiting... 66 days.  Orders made weeks after mine are getting delivered.   What is the holdup, Apple?
  It was a joke...
Sales tax in Japan goes up 3% from April, which would add $180 to the cost of the MP (CTO).  I am not against the tax, but I would like to have the money to spend elsewhere!   Conspiracy theory:  Apple is delaying my order until the tax increase in order to....    
The waiting for the nMP thread on another site is getting very long.  Finally, people who ordered around the time I did are getting theirs, so with any luck my wait will be over soon.   Fortunately this will be my last machine for a couple of years so I won't have to go through this again (waited forever last year for an iMac).   Every now and then I peek art Apple's MP page, where they say things like:  "What's truly radical is what you can do with it... we can't wait...
  I'm at 8 weeks...  Ordered Jan 16.
 When did you order?
  Can't wait to get mine and stop the whining that my mini is putting out every day!  It seriously sounds like it is about to blast off some times.
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