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Store is down...   Hope Santa comes in with good pricing.
  They really could have put this info up already with a note saying available Dec whatever.  It is crazy.
  So it's not for you.  Big deal. Lots of pros want and need this baby and will put it to great use.
  In another thread, I said this a couple of times.  I have tried to give them some slack, but not too much!
  Just woke up the neighborhood laughing at that!
 Saw somewhere that at idle it is as quiet as a Mac mini. That is quiet. I wonder what it will be like at full blast?
 Me either, but I started drilling a hole in the roof... - - - - - Going to call my local shop in the morning to see if they have more info. (about the MP, not on how to drill holes in the roof)
Thursday...  That's an hour from now where I live!     Doubt that will be the case, though, so I will have to wait until tomorrow night likely before checking prices.   Bummer.  (in advance if needed)
Not much longer to wait!     http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/161237/apples-new-cylindrical-mac-pro-desktop-arrives-thursday-starting-at-2-999#post_2447473
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