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 I'd settle for character! On Topic:  I wonder what the age of the average Mac OS user is?  Would this have bearing upon the design of the UI?
I like some of the new functionality, but, like others above, the UI does not impress me at all.     Translucency?  They better make sure that kind of unneeded irritation can be turned off.
I think it was clear that my reasoning is a little more than just trying to not give them the satisfaction.  That was an added on phrase that maybe I could have left off.  Sorry if that distracted from my meaning.
 Sometimes I wonder if I myself am outdated!  I know motion got better, but it was an issue that TV has long known was a problem for some and a major mistake on Apple's part.  I have several friends who were made ill by it. Yes.  I have the latest update to 7 on my iPad mini.  I have had to go in and adjust various settings, white point, transparancy, contrast, etc.  Never needed to do this before and don't think most people should have to.  These adjustments also came...
 Do we have to go through that every time?  Many people like OS7.  Many do not.  There have been many lengthy posts on why people do not like it.  I also hope that 8 is an improvement.  Hopefully, it is easier to view, less bright overall, has controlled motion that doesn't trigger motion sickness in some customers and so on.  What I would most like to see would be a 30-day trial.  Install it and try it.  If you don't like it, revert to your old backup and carry on.  They...
 Having a nice day?
Very happy to say that I have not updated to 7 yet on 4 out of 5 devices.   I still find it a visual disaster.    I may have to get 8, but only with a new device.  I will not give them the satisfaction of having my older machines updated.   My biggest fear is what will happen to Mac OS now that Apple has gone this design route...  
  I used to carry my MacPlus wrapped in a towel and stuffed in a backpack.  Ahh, portable computers at their best! This new case is already sold out!
  Watch this.  I can't get the nerve to buy the book; it might be too depressing. http://www.upworthy.com/what-the-1-dont-want-you-to-know?c=huf1 331 to 1 CEO vs average employee salary And the upper income earners pay lower taxes.  Sometimes half.
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