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 Having a nice day?
Very happy to say that I have not updated to 7 yet on 4 out of 5 devices.   I still find it a visual disaster.    I may have to get 8, but only with a new device.  I will not give them the satisfaction of having my older machines updated.   My biggest fear is what will happen to Mac OS now that Apple has gone this design route...  
  I used to carry my MacPlus wrapped in a towel and stuffed in a backpack.  Ahh, portable computers at their best! This new case is already sold out!
  Watch this.  I can't get the nerve to buy the book; it might be too depressing. http://www.upworthy.com/what-the-1-dont-want-you-to-know?c=huf1 331 to 1 CEO vs average employee salary And the upper income earners pay lower taxes.  Sometimes half.
Any data on the salary of the average worker at Apple in the US? Salary for the execs?  Steve was $1 (with perks, of course).   What about for the Foxconn employees?   Do they get hiring bonuses?     Just in the last hour I watched the Bill Moyers interview with Krugman where they discussed the book by Piketty.  Then I saw this topic.  Ugh.
  But there are always those conspiracy theories... And iOS7...
It arrived yesterday and is churning away.    Hopefully others get theirs in good time.
My shop called Apple again today and, though I don't know the content of the discussion, my order status has moved up a notch.   So, there is hope yet...     A frustrating wait to go through, but I hope to putting the beast to good use soon and forget about it all.
Sorry.     I was told today that my order placed on January 16 would arrive in April.   I called the Apple Store to see when an order placed now (late March) would arrive.  They said April.   I've been an Apple user since the Apple IIe back in the 1980s.  Have had ups and downs in my satisfaction with them.  Am in one of the down periods right now, I guess.
New Posts  All Forums: