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Ryan voted to increase spending today.   I thought Romney Corp was going cut spending?   Of course, the GOP is explaining that it's because it's election season...   If Ryan was such a great leader, couldn't he have led the charge on this one?
I expect to see increasing panic from the Republicans and especially Mittens himself.     I'm also very interested to see some polls after this latest "Mitt the Twit" moment, to quote a newspaper from a country that is a real ally of the US.   For goodness sake, even  Bill O' thought it was bad.  Peggy said Mittens looks like Nixon.   Even a Fox poll shows him down.  Ouch.   Mittens is already trying to tone things down, but I think the damage has been done.
Possibility of extreme winter in the US this year...  due to melting Arctic ice.     I wonder how many GOPpers will build igloos on the Washington Mall claiming the climate is OK this time?     http://www.climatecentral.org/news/astonishing-arctic-sea-ice-melt-may-lead-to-extreme-winter-weather-14989
News is reporting that the American ambassador to Libya was killed in an attack on an American consulate.
Ouch.     Mittens pretty much proved he is unfit for public office with his response to the embassy situations.     In his haste to blast Obama, he totally blew the facts and timeline.  Again.  But then, his campaign won't be dictated by fact-checkers, so I guess facts are out, too.  As long as the phrasing reaches his crowd, who wouldn't be bothered to learn the actual truth.
Israel is (again) trying to meddle with American politics by asking Obama to create a line with Iran.     Why are there so many war mongers out there hiding behind cloaks of religion?
Nate is a very interesting guy.  It is hard to argue with him.
We are, by nature, dependent creatures.  Nobody spontaneously appeared out of thin air, nobody was born with the ability to take care of themselves.    The reality of our nature suggests some kind of original inter-dependence.  If we were completely independent, we would all live in forests picking berries from birth, because our mothers, out of desire to be independent, would abandon us immediately after birth; our fathers wouldn't be anywhere in sight.  But we don't,...
Nice photos, Hands.  Just called my wife in for a peek; she worked in personnel at a large company for over a decade.   Mitt looks old, tired and lacking in confidence, and looks like he could be having problems at home of some sort.  He doesn't seem satisfied with his life.  He also looks frustrated, as if he can't clear something.  If he came for an interview, she would probe his family life.  He's proud, but lacking in humility and humor.   Joe looks healthy...
GOP strategist (will likely be called out as not really a conservative) says Clinton's speech won the election.   http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/09/05/alex-castellanos-obama-clinton_n_1859947.html   Too early, but wow.  They were complaining that it was too long?  Short attention spans?
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