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OK.  Lots of talk about displays. I want to ask about CPU... and GPU.   What kind of performance boost would we see with an Ivy Bridge?     Would they likely upgrade the GPU?   What would the combined impact on video rendering be?  I work with animation and would like to speed up rendering (I'm on a 3.4GHz SSD model iMac now and average 20 minutes per scene to render (I could always buy a MacPro, but I will hold off until 2013 when the new thing arrives)....
  That's the thing... he doubled down on it and made it worse, which is his standard pattern, and what leads people to believe that it is his inner core.      His body language and mannerism, also, in this case during the sudden news conference, reinforce this feeling.   Add to that the virtually synchronized response from many on the Right defending his statements and it leads to what BR says, it's not (just) Mittens, it's his party.
They still can't explain (or are unwilling as Mittens did say once that he needs 50.1% of the vote) their tax plan, even on a very (oh, yes, so very usually) Fox News.   It would take me too long to explain, so I won't explain at all.  Trust us™.   http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/09/30/paul-ryan-tax-plan-mitt-romney_n_1926660.html   Ryan also set the bar low for Mittens' debate performance, so I'm not holding my breath that any new positions will be made...
    Surprised?  Not in the least.  
    Paraphrasing Ann ever so slightly:   "It's hard.  Please leave us alone because we can't take the pressure."   "I'm worried about his mental-health."   There is a pattern developing here...   So, the Right will attack Obama supporters for any small reason just to divert attention from their own candidate who is beginning to fall apart, again.     Fox News went on and on about how Obama was the worst president in history.  If that were the case, anybody should be able...
Ann s worried about Mittens' mental health if he becomes president.   http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/09/29/us-usa-campaign-annromney-idUSBRE88S00820120929     Ann is worried about Mittens' mental health!     Ouch.     BTW way, good picture of Mitt watching people playing soccer.  He cannot connect because the ball doesn't make money (at this level),
So, let's get this straight, the GOP is trying to change voting rules because of . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    Wasn't Obama criticized for having attending elite liberal schools such as Harvard?  You know, the same school that Mittens attended but there are no calls of elitist liberal ism isms??
I found the link from another rumor site and thought the images would be interesting after some here had tossed around the idea of a block-type machine that could be easily clustered.   Personally, I have no idea how it could be achieved.  I just like the concept and hope that something with a relatively small footprint comes out to help render animation for BluRay.
Just to keep this thread alive, here are some images of a modular MacPro concept:   http://ipack3d.com/page8/index.php?id=2959698825183484676
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