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Seeing it's a support center, maybe support for as yet unannounced products? Expanded support staff for the existing products?   A 7" iPad has the potential to add a lot of customers so does an Apple TV (not to be confused with AppleTV).     Probably a lot of peoples thoughts... And yes, the same thought ran through my mind as well.
I hope Sophos paid for this advertisement.
Hoover has been around from the early 20th century and in some parts of the world, Hoover is synonymous with vacuum.The Dirt Devil brand is from the 1980s.Dyson was founded in 1992.Bissell while older than Hoover was actually better known for its carpet sweepers.As it stands, my next vacuum is likely to be an Oreck (founded 1963).So all in all Hoover really has had the longest to really become synonymous with vacuums.As for "iPad", if Apple starts now, they can keep it...
What I like about the idea of 7" iPad is that it has a chance to fit in my jacket/coat pocket. The 10" iPad won't. But I do agree that smartphones don't really need to get larger.
Like what the patents are and when they were filed and issued. And is the process in software? Or in the GPU in the devices?
Actually you should see the author contracts for Amazon.com for Kindle books. There's a reason the books are only being sold from the Pottermore site. All the ebook stores would take a chunk for selling the books. Aplle's pricing is not an exception at all.
Of course survey results are only as good as the data collected. How many people did they actually talk to? Did they somehow not call people likely to use Walmart or Target? And what is the margin of error for a survey like this? Yes, the data is interesting, but is it accurate enough to be useful?
Converting from a compressed lossy music file to a compressed lossy music file tends to lose even more information. Where this would be great is people who rip their CDs to ALAC (compressed but not lossy) but want to save space on their iPod.For iTunes, Preferences->Playback->Sound Check. I believe there is a similar setting for iPods.
Nah, they will still need creativity for the building they build after this one.
Apple is only using AT&Ts designation for AT&Ts network. This is a business decision really to compete with the other AT&T phones that are labeled 4G.AT&T is a US cell phone company, of course it's slimy. I'm surprised that the US cell phone industry isn't used as an example for slimy in the dictionary.
New Posts  All Forums: