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stocks are going dwon
$450 for iPhone 4 8GB - not a great move.   I guess we all just get iPod touch then...  
Also APPLE increased the Unlocked base line Price! AI can you report this in your article at all?   iPhone 3GS - 8GB - $375 iPhone 4 - 8GB - $450   iPod Touch at $299 darn good.   Personally I am waiting for all the new products to be released:   iPad Mini (may be in colors like iPod Touch) Retina 13" MBP iMac   I am plan on getting one of these product, so gotta wait.
14 hours and 51 mins to go ...
thank you appleinsider and staff, but can you remove the product which no longer available? (like previous generation Mac Pro) ...
1) Both mention models were best bang for bucks 2) 8GB RAM upgradeable (lot of pend up demand i guess) 3) better screens 4) $10 Snow Leopard upgrades 5) iPod back to school program Yeah!, it is selling like hot cakes, whether can sustain the same in Oct to dec quarter? no one knows...
not sure whether 32nm from intel will fall in line with september snow leopard release and new iMacs
mostly an event in first weeks September with 1) Snow Leopard release date 2) iPod update 3) iMac update with some quad config and shipping with Snow Leopard
does the current iPhone 3G does Video capturing?
$29 it is pretty good deal Developers please post the what is the performance difference between Leopard and Snow Leopard
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