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Good article <-------
Very impressive apple!
what now?! when?
dropped mine today and its done for. When are the new ones coming out? and what are the rumored upgrades to it?
I'm a college student looking for a good voice recorder, for class, to record lectures. My classes range between 25 and 900 kids, so I'm looking for one that will do a its job well in all environments. Thanks
Linkin Park? I haven't heard of them for like 3 years.
Bobby, arguably the best chess player ever has passed because of kidney failure at 64 (64 squares on the chessboard...) I'm only 19 and wasn't here during Bobby's time, but as a pro chess player, he's my hero. We could talk about the bad things about Bobby (which there were a lot) but instead, I wanna hear about Bobby back when he was an American icon during the Cold War. Anyone here remember that?
This idea seemed so great and hopeful, but it appears that on Jan 3, Intel backed out on it. How sad.
alright, i figured it out. I guess i had to play the video and let it load before i could see it in activities. Thanks for the help guys
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