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issue solved
I've tried both options, but can't actually figure out how I'm suppose to download the flash vid onto my computer.
how do i download a flash video from a website? ty p.s. This is not a shared site like youtube or google video, i have permission from the website to dl their videos, but I can't figure out how. Thanks
im looking for a free flash to mp4 converter. Preferably mac software, but i can handle windows if its necessary. Thanks, Cato
thanks guys... what happened to all your posts? I have a macbook pro so i should be fine. Thanks for the help
when you say "killing you ram" does that mean that it is bad for me to record for long periods of time because of it hurting my ram or was that just an expression that means it is hard for my ram? thanks for jing, it seems nice, Cato
Im looking for a good free auto screen recorder compatible for mac. Best if can record for at least an hour, but anything is better than nothing thanks, Cato
Man, Windows REALLY sucks. Im trying to install a brand new 32 bit sp2 version of xp and right when it started (after partitioning) it ejected the disk and the screen reads "No bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key" the disk is in, i cant eject it. Pushing buttons does nothing and i have no idea what to do Please help, Thanks Cato
alright...it's all good then. I haven't updated computers recently, so other than my externals I haven't had this much space and wasnt really sure what i was working with. I guess its about 72gigs from an 80. Thanks p.s. Is tiger automatically uninstalled when leopard is installed? thanks guys
I just got my macbook pro in the mail and before I even installed leopard, it says I only have 135 gigs of space and that the HD itself is only 145 gigs. I ordered a 160gig harddrive for a reason. I know its suppose to be less than 160, but by 15 gigs? come on now. is this normal?
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