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oh weird... appleoutsider for me only shows two
Thanks... I don't know why there are only two pages of threads in appleoutsider
does it just see where it was last backed up when it was plugged in and automatically update the backup by that little bit or does it reback up everything multiple times?
I have a Macbook pro and i really wanna use time machine, but I'm always taking my laptop places. It seems like it wouldn't work very well since I'm always moving my computer around unlike a desktop. Am i wrong? is it easier than i think it is? Thanks, Cato
Ok, I know this is a weird and probably unnecessary thread but I REALLY want to find this thread. I dont know exactly what its called, but its something like: Whats on your desktop? or whats your desktop? Thanks, Cato
thank you good sir!
10.4 is so last month... Might as well be running Puma.
To my dismay, I have to put XP on my macbook pro. I will not be using XP for anything but required tasks that should not get me viruses, but of course... you seem to get viruses with windows even when the computer is off. I'm in college and to use the internet, everyone is required to download Sophos Anti-virus. Will this anti-virus protection be enough to protect XP and my pro from viruses? If not, what is a good anti virus software for XP? Im not really going to...
I have people skills... my roommate doesn't. He throws fits, and xbox controllers across the room. I was just looking for a way to approach the situation. The conflict is way over. He got mad at Halo, punched a hole through the sheetrock, and got kicked out of the dorms for threatening the floor manager. So now i have a room to myself. I think its fair to say he doesn't have people skills. It's also fair to say that he's unsafe around halo and thats why i...
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