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first of all... i could care less about using his crap. Its about equal space. As an 19 year old college student, i probably have a larger income than you do and in no way need to use his things. It was just agreed that since he had everything because he is a sophomore that we would share. If he has a problem with sharing... he probably shouldn't have agreed to sharing. Second of all i could care less what other peoples situation are and saying my situation is better...
ya i figured out how to do what i wanted with spaces and now i love it. I was just worried i couldnt have the same app in multiple spaces. Now that i can, i love it
ya thanks... i should have opened the box before asking ha. There is no installation cd thanks guys!
Thanks... that kinda helps with what i was looking for! I have a better idea for this thread... im gonna edit it in so be sure to check it out
i was excited for spaces because I thought they it would be like having multiple desktops. After installing leopard, I discovered that it really only separated applications. My thoughts were that if I needed to work on an English project and a history project i could do them at the same time and keep them separated with spaces. It really disappointed me when i found out that I can't open multiple safari windows in different spaces. It just sends you back to the stack...
This is probably a really easy answer but im just unsure. I bought .mac with my new macbook pro and i got the .mac in the mail but not the pro yet. Is it alright to install .mac on my current computer that i will only be using for a day or 2 or should i wait for my pro? is it all online or can i only install it once? If so i should just wait, but i dont think it matters. Thanks, Cato
ya... i was thinking about a feraday cage lol. But really, if i create one and name it "Freenet" since freenet will be picked up by any computer anywhere in my town, it will be expected and they probably wont notice anyway no matter how large the range is. Im just worried about the actually IT guys noticing. Could that work?
thanks PB... it would be great if you could explain some more. Everywhere i look (Ebay, Amazon) XP seems to be around 200 bucks
I want to put some form of windows on my macbook pro so i can game but i dont know whether i should get xp or vista. I wouldnt dare use windows for anything else but that because i hate it, but xp costs just as much as vista. Is vista fine on leopard or on macs at all? im assuming so but i figured id ask to see if anyone has any feedback. Thanks, Cato
ya they charge by connection. i know that if you are caught downloading illegally they disconnect your internet with no chance of getting it back. I dont think they care as much for wireless. If i just wanted to use it myself would i be able to password protect it and use a name such as "freenet" (which is what my city's broadband connection is called so everyone is expecting it to be there) (p.s. i go to KU) and no one would notice or could the ITs tell what im doing?...
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