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I currently have a 14' iBook with 60 gigs of memory. How hard and expensive would it be to add more gigs to my internal hard drive? 20 gigs? 40 gigs? Are external hard drives any good for laptops?
I got on the Australian ITMS and songs on there cost $1.69. Why is this? Couldn't they just get on the U.S. ITMS and buy the same songs for $.99? This confuses me.
Incase anyone was having a difficult time putting your DvD collection on your new video iPod, here is a great app: handbrake.m0k.org an example of its performance- the full movie of braveheart (very long) was less than 800mb. Does anyone else know of any good sights for this?
Although I rarely use it, I have the original iPod and it is still kickin after owning it for 4 years. The quality of iPods is great. Yes definitly get AppleCare P.S. Has anyone else done this: I have 2 60gig video iPods one has my entire DvD library on it the other has all my music and music videos, pictures etc. Its a wonderful set-up for as much as i travel!
When will Apple get more T.V. shows and maybe movies? I want to see more than 5 t.v. shows. Any intel on when this will happen?
I recently added the video iPod to my arsenal of iPods and was curious about a few things: 1. Is the video ipod capable of holding and playing full length movies or was it not designed for that? 2. Will iTunes eventually add a movie selection to the store 3. When do you think Apple will add a larger variety of tv shows
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