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oh i really like the grass one! how did you do it? edit: you should do one with the crisscross metal design on firetrucks. That'd be cool maybe wood floor? i could go on forever
we can't have routers or multiple people on the same port
well they can tell where the router is connected to what room the ethernet cord is in.
pretty much exclusively Battlefield 2 which requires 128mb oh and another question... how much better is a 160g harddrive running at 7200rpm vs a 200g hardrive running at 4200? Id like having the extra space, but id rather have better performance if its that big of a difference thanks, Cato
thanks backtomac. As far as gaming goes, how big of a deal is 256 over the 128?
im looking for a wireless router that has either ajustible or really bad range. Its for a dorm room and we arent allowed to have wireless so we just want people to be able to connect to it that are in our room. thanks.
i did and i didnt think that the information discussed met my questions. I decided to refresh the question and focus completely on it. thanks for your advice though, Cato
im a college student that would use it for general purposes btw. (maybe will use bootcamp for gaming) thanks, Cato
How much better is the 2499$ macbook pro over the 1999$ one? the only differences i see are the graphics card and the HD and Ghz (.2 increase...how much better is .2?) thanks, Cato
when do we think they are being updated. Im going to buy one with leopord, but im willing to wait if its logical that an update will be soon. Thanks, Cato
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