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wild guess, but im going to say the one on the left
thank you adda... i needed some range
I kinda thought so to. Although i was cheering for her, i thought it was really bad at the end when even the cop let her. It was like she went crazy. Also the part where they justify the killing with the "my hands don't shake"
i should probably buy an original brown zune and keep it in the box. Some day it might be a collectors item. its not much good for anything else
ok thanks... thats more reasonable
its kind of a big deal when youre stuck with him for a year. as for putting the tv next to his, i'm trying to keep this arguement friendly (as hes a stubborn ass and i dont want to deal with that anymore than i have to) and i could easily push back, but i'd rather do this the right way thanks, Cato
thatd be some hard to type on
Ok, so i really want to handle this the right way because i have to live with this guy for the rest of the year, but at the same time i want this resolved. My roommate is rather wealthy and has contributed alot to the dorm room. I would of had no problem paying for my half of the stuff (such as mini fridge, futon, etc.) but he is a sophmore so he has it all from his freshman year. I have only seen him hangout/ talk to one friend and i don't think he has anyother...
after reading this... i decided that im going to sue a gas station every day that there is a price drop from the day before. Should work right?
This is the most beautiful post I have ever seen. The End.
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