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man, this would be awesome. I also collect American stamps so a program for this would be awesome as well
www.themysterymethod.com www.stylelife.com (go to the forums) Get Neill Strauss' book "The Game" (it's an AWESOME and hilarious autobiography by one of the worlds top Pickup Artists) Get "The Mystery Method" by Mystery Learn up on some NLP: Search for "Derren Brown" on youtube and wikipedia NLP Get girls anywhere with super Pickup artist techniques and control their minds with NLP! have fun
that thing is stupid... put your name in twice. Youll see that it's just random
no, i mean like the computer chip in Veselin Topalov's head lets see how many people know what I'm talking about
What a big deal over something so stupid... people just need to be nice and happy
yes i realize that this is a very pointless thread, but its all about fun! so no flaming please
It's easy, all you need is the name of your first dog (or pet) and the name of the street you live on. I'm Fluffy Longfellow (turned out pretty interesting) go for it
pretty soon our computers will be connected to our minds and we will just control them with thoughs
how come spam?
i got so into this discussion and have been following it all day and then i realized something: we are arguing about or rights and how the goverment should get involved and how this is against the constitution blah blah blah... and this is all over A CELLPHONE! (i have one and have hacked it and just got to touch as well so im "on the bandwagon of apple fanatics" as well) when it comes down to world issues, this is so unimportant. I love how we can make...
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