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nevermind, i just realized that although those posts were 5 years old, the # of posts are to date
What happened to all those people that posted in the forums back then. Everyone that replied to your thread had so many posts (no one under 1k)
Coverflow really brought this thought about, but with the new touch interface and other advances, it would be awesome to see a 3D desktop. Think about it... depth on the computer screen
after owning the itouch, i must say, the touch screen interface is amazing. With Apple having made giant leaps in this area, they could make an awesome computer with touch screen. i would love to see a touch screen computer somewhere soon down the line
there could be some awesome games on the new itouch. I really hope they make some soon!
the new interface is great on my itouch, but i dont like it so much on my classic. Im always wanted to touch my classics screen and then i remember that i cant
ha youre welcome! enjoy
there should be a progress bar... there is one on mine. You should try tapping the screen and see if it pops up top when the ipod is vertical
what is that? I looked at it but dont understand
it would definitely be an awesome app
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