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im glad you agree
i have a week 37 too and mine seems kinda buggy
I want this so badly (for undisclosed reasons) on my iTouch! So make an app someone!
ya mine was engraved
thanks... i just learned all about the jailbreaking process after i made the thread. Hopefully they figure it out soon!
how do i put third party apps on my itouch? ive been googling it and havent been able to figure it out
has anyone found any cool iTouch games or apps or anything that people can up on their iTouches? Post info and links here! Thanks Cato
When im listening to music on my iTouch and then get on the internet, the music will keep playing for about a minute and then just stop mid song. This seems to be an error but im not sure whether the music is suppose to continue playing while safari is open or whether its suppose to stop. Please help
thank you BRussell
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