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LTE advanced is all well and good and I'm all for it.   But how about some more frequencies? The small town 120 km from the arctic circle that I live in has had LTE coverage since december 2010, but we can't use it with Apple products since they ignore European frequencies (2600, 800 and 900 Mhz).   Oh well, there's always Samsung....    (as if I would buy that )   (OK so I read the article again and realized I was, once again, too quick on the draw.  It...
I live in a fairly small town (75000 people) in the north of Sweden (1000 km from the capital) and I know that we are not priority 1 for Apple.... Still I think that much of the map data is just fine, or more than fine. Roads etc. are mostly at least as correct as Googles version, so turn-by-turn-navigation is just fine. Satellite imaagery is a bit spotty (such as getting black and white photos for many places outside, but close to, the city), which I find strange since...
So if they call their "iCloud type" service sCloud what are they going to call their "iAd type" service? sAd?
Any information about the policies in other countries? We know about the US and what Steve said. We have now heard about what is supposed to be Softbanks policy, but what about other countries? For instance, I would be interested to know if Swisscom (or other Swiss operators) will have any restrictions?
So waiting for generation two then..... no reason to buy generation one when it will arrive later than July.... Hopefully we will get next generation iPhone before 2015. And yes, that was an exaggeration.
Congratulations to all who have received shipping notices!! Now hopefully this extremely disappointing "later in the year" nonsense for the rest of the world will be changed to "immediately".
So who is the winner here? Microsoft?
Sorry to be nitpicking, but the GSM system cannot handle simultaneous data and voice-calls (with or without EDGE). However, the UMTS system (i.e. AT&T:s version of 3G) can, whereas Verizons version cannot. Still, it's fun to see Apple join this "fight" and do it by pointing out the advantages with the iPhone and UMTS instead of badmouthing the competition.
Hmm.... first there are reports that we might have to pay again to re-download an already purchased application to the same device we bought it with the first time and now there is information that we might be able to share applications between devices.... Yes I know that the two functions are not mutually exclusive, but still it sounded mildly ironic.... And no, I am not complaining, it was just a reflection.
This sounds great! Personally I would assume 7.2 mbit downlink, or possibly 14.4 mbit, for the iPhone. The Swedish telecom company Telia (the first company in Sweden to offer the iPhone) have just launched an upgrade that will take their network (at least in cities with more population than 50 000) to 14.4 mbit. Though they say they still don't have the 3G modems available to support it. Another telecom company here in Sweden have announced that they are aiming...
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