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The iMac is not an upgradable computer, yes in the past we could easily upgrade RAM, now it seems Apple wants us to order it with the amount we need online, weather or not you need an upgrade keep in mind that the direction Apple is heading is for a consumer oriented devices, meaning: you just turn them on and enjoy! I do hope that they won't kill the Mac Pro so that professionals can still use Macs for their work, in the meantime try and order online with all the specs...
  jajajajajajajajajajaa!!!!! this is too much!!!
nice layout.. i like the iphone layout more.. adapt the forums to the iphones too..
when the original iPhone came out people said it was doomed, then the 2nd came out and it wasn't a big improvement, then the 3rd and the app store.. then the 3Gs was a idiotic addition of an "s".. and so came the 4th with the unibody design but was sick with "antennagate" and so te 4s came to the rescue and "crap" everybody was expecting the 5 but what can you do! so here we are all over again going crazy about a phone that haven't been released yet but we already find...
Yeah! I was thinking the same thing, also since we're talking MacBook Pro they should add a dedicated video card 256MB at least for the high end 13"
The only new line up I'm waiting for are the new macbook pros with the air design.. besides that the 1 thing we can count on with apple is getting "new products" every few years.. so when will those macbooks will be available is what i'd like to know.
i just run the software and created a usb lion recovery disk but i didn't get the resize option?
Micro$oft is perhaps the only 1 that "could" get into the phone os war between Apple & Google.. Nokia is feeling the heat it's OS was fine until iPhone came along they are jumping the wagon late in the game, as always Balmer is exploiting Nokia's fear & it's own.. Nokia is a very recognized brand and having WP7 on it will boost M$ share and that's precisely what matter the most. HP/Palm WebOS looks good too, but it's proprietary, they are only using it for there own...
something is terribly wrong with this update, apple had plenty of time to polish it and now it has "serious" bugs??? i'm using an ipad an it's fantastic but after updating my ipod touch to 4.1 it's very difficult to go back to 3.x.x.. I just hope they fix this issue pronto and release the update.. ipad rocks!
New Posts  All Forums: