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I was completely unaware that Apple was going into the Coat Tree Industry . Still I think I can find a more appealing product at the local thrift store. Toelle
The Ads are amusing , but frankly not up to the quality of their Apple predecessors.
Dear HP There are some things  you and your company do very well. I have had printers and scanners over the years and even 1 Computer before I learned that living without the Windows OS was better for one's personal health (mentally speaking) and for the heath of one's wallet.  However judging from the foregoing article , I must compliment you and your Company on your grasp of BS and the skills  required in its delivery. Well done !!   Respectfully Yours   A....
STOP __ STOP The presses There has been an error 2012-2013 is incorrect. It should have read 3012-3013 Sorry about that
Square pegs and round holes Getting someone to fill the shoes of Mr. Jobs perfectly is impossible. Apple may come close but it shall not be the same neither should it be. However some of Apple's present leadership still has the vision Steve left in his passing. Will that change yes eventually. Hopefully that shall be long in the future. Asking a Meg Whitman or anyone else for that type of devotion and love of their field is impossible. Those types of people are...
Eric Chu has stepped down as manager of Google's troubled software market for Android. It is reported that he plans a new career as a Captain for the Carnival Cruise Lines. Although the name of the vessel as yet has not been announced. Rumour has its name as a blast from the past.
[QUOTE=AppleInsider;2032237]Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook reportedly informed employees this week that later this year they will be able to buy an iPad with a $250 discount, while Macs will be available for $500 off. Starting in June, the discounts will be available to employees who have worked more than 90 days at Apple, according to The Register. Employees will be able to obtain the $750 in discounts once every three years. The announcement was made by Cook in a...
As a Canadian I have to say I agree the above . At one time I thought they could give Apple a rough time, but as each quarter goes by we have now reached the point. RIM is dying .
As a Canadian I have to say I agree the above . At one time I thought they could give Apple a rough time bytoellebills
This story reminds me of an apparent quote from a Titanic crewman. "Hold on a moment please, while I just patch this hole "
New Posts  All Forums: