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what a great widget. again another shortcut to life. thanks.
does anyone know of good free software to resize images? i was using one that put words across the picture which was fine for large pics but when you make them really small it takes up the whole picture. if anyone has any programs that they know of or i could buy for cheap id like to know. thanks in advance.
the user/library/quicktime..... thats all it said to do and i didnt have other folders in there. is there another folder?
i just tried copying it to the directory and still nothing. any suggestions?
i thought i did.... maybe not tho... do you mean copying the folder to quicktime, because i didnt do that... but i will now.
i tried that earlier this evening but the only thing i can get it to show me is the screen shot. i also tried macam which shows that it works but will not allow it to work with ichat. anyone reccomend a cheap webcam that will work?
anyone know how to get a generic (dynex) webcam to work with ichat? it says cam not connected but I use macam and it shows the video so I know its working. thanks for any help.
thanks. that will save me a lot of stress because i kept trying to get it to work and now ill just give up. thats what i figured but its good to hear it from someone. thanks again.
it never asked me to save the info for my new online banking like it has for the rest. i tried adding it to the keychain and it seems as tho i entered the info in correctly but when i go to the website it wont fill it in. is this because its a secure website or is something wrong with my keychain?
to clear myself up... i already have a wireless router but i want the express to capture that signal and then allow me to give that signal to my xbox via the ethernet port on my xbox and express. but i cant configure the express to duplicate the signal of a router other than an extreme which is what im trying to do and wondering if its even possible.
New Posts  All Forums: