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Have to say that I'm not sure hijacking charity like this is in the best possible taste, but if Samsung raises awareness then that is a positive thing. The ad was faked? No real surprise there. Will Apple respond? No, there's no need. Samsung is desperate. They're trying to draw Apple into a spec war and away from questions of security, ecosystem, cohesiveness and quality where Samsung knows it is lacking. Last month, Samsung came up with an ad telling people they...
In their desperation to be like Apple, Microsoft forgets that their customers don't want them to be like Apple.
 The prosecution rests  You would have been more convincing if you'd started with something like, 'This wouldn't have happened if Steve was still alive.'
"Let the butthurt flow through you " Hahahahah!!! 😀😀
Best. Thread. Ever I thought it would tap out at 'discombobschlobulated' , but no — it just got better and better. This has made my morning. And no matter how ridiculous you think this article is, it's Pulitzer worthy when compared to the dross written about Apple on an almost hourly basis.
Yes.You're in it.
It'll make it easier for them to get started, yes. After that, it's down to perseverance, like everything else.
That's the point: Apple's careful blending of technology creates a more compelling phone experience that does not seem to suffer from having a 'tiny' screen, while the current analyst meme is that massive screens trump everything. And yet, both Apple and Samsung's figures seem to indicate this is not the case, and never has been.I think a more important part of this experience is size, which is why I've also been very skeptical about the 5.5 inch phone.I also wonder if...
Hence the IBM deal.
Interesting.Given Samsung's poor quarter and the fact that iPhone sales are still growing, I was thinking that perhaps this demand for a large-screen iPhone is not as strong as the press would have us believe. Outside of the geek/fan forums, I wonder if Joe Consumer is happy with the current screen size.
New Posts  All Forums: